Saturday, March 15, 2008

Waiting Mommies Dinner #9

Last night a group of 10 of us gathered for another "waiting mommies dinner". The group is made up of waiting moms, & moms that have waited on children through adoption. There were moms last night that are waiting with China, Vietnam & Ethiopia. What a wonderful group, full of supportive women.

On the way to the dinner I thought about turning around & going home because Owen cried the entire time he was in the car!. I'm glad I stuck with my original plan, it is such a fun group to get together with. Before the dinner,I met up with my friend Bev. We like to do a little shopping at Yorkdale mall when we get the chance. We always stroll through the baby stores dreaming of what the new babies would like. We held back & didn't buy anything this time. Hard to believe.

Owen made his debut appearance, & was the hit of the party. That is until his 8pm bedtime, when daddy came to whisk him away. He was really good during the trip to the mall & the hour at dinner. He always makes mommy so proud! I got a little emotional talking about going back to work after parental leave. So silly really, I don't even go back to work for another 4 months.

When I arrived home Gavin had put Owen to bed, & he was sleeping peacefully. He had fallen to sleep in the car, that is after crying for half an hour on the way home. I have no idea why he hates the car. It is proving to be difficult taking him on outings that's for sure!.

I can't wait until the next waiting mommies dinner in May! I hope there are many things to celebrate. Referral news for some of my friends would be a blessing! It would be so fun to share the photos at a dinner just before mothers day. Here's hoping!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Birthday Party'n

We went to a birthday party on the weekend for a friend of Owen's. It was to be on saturday, but with the last dump of snow it was pushed to sunday. Here is Owen enjoying his time on his little friends ATV.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

baby shower/gift mania

WOW! Owen sure is loved. There was a baby shower on saturday for Owen. Below are some photos of all of his gifts in our living room, & of him playing with some of his toys.I took my camera with me to the baby shower, but for some reason forgot to take pictures!. Other people took pictures, so i'm sure i can get some from them. I"m glad we took the mini van with us, because the van was full of gifts when we left. crazy really.