Tuesday, December 25, 2007


This is my Christmas card from Gavin this year....

Merry Christmas my Sweet Baby!. While we wish that we were able to have you home for the holidays, we are comforted knowing that we are leaving for Vietnam soon. We hope that you've had a wonderful day, with lots of hugs & kisses from your nanny. Today we think about the future with you & we can't wait to see Christmas through your eyes.
We Love You Owen. We are coming soon.
Love Mom & Dad

Some of Owens Loot


Monday, December 17, 2007

Vietnam Here We Come!

We received confirmation that we leave for Vietnam on January 12th at 8:15 pm We are beyond excited! We fly from Toronto into Vancouver, then to Hong Kong where we have a HUGE layover, then on to Hanoi. We don't actually arrive into Hanoi until Monday January 14th at 3:55 pm. That's almost 2 days of travel. It looks like flights were hard to get, as the other families we will be travelling with are on different flights. But oh well, we don't care we just want to leave!

We are coming for you baby Owen!
WOW! what a great Christmas present.

Travel Date (sort of)

We received word from our agency on friday, that they have a tentative travel date set. We are told to plan on leaving January 12th!. We are cautiously optimistic, & hope that the date doesn't get changed. But for now we are thrilled, and for now we have a travel date!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Small Update

Sorry I have been away from the blog world for so long. It's just been very hard to post the "we're still waiting" post. Currently we are awaiting our "letter of invitation" from Vietnam. It was expected two weeks ago, then last week, & now this week. Once that letter comes in, we are to be in Vietnam within 30 days.
Our agency has informed us that flights to Vietnam are booked up over Christmas, and the first week of January looks somewhat the same. It is expected that travel will be mid January.

We plan on decorating our house for Christmas. We have the lights up outside, but are waiting to decorate the tree. Seymour (our cat) LOVES to climb the tree & sit in it. I'm not ready to deal with that, so the tree will be going up last minute. It took some time to decide if we wanted to decorate for Christmas this year, it's hard to be in the Christmas spirit. After some thought we decided that Owen would have loved the lights, so the tree must go up!
Oh and of course Santa will still be visiting our house this year to drop off baby Owens presents. They will be waiting for him when he gets home.

And now why I can't put the tree up early...

Last Years tree Before....

And After.....