Wednesday, November 14, 2012

15 Months Old

 Grayson is now 15 months old! he has added a few new words to his vocabulary, he now says book, up & stuck :) He definitely has learned the daily routine & will automatically go over to his highchair at snack time etc. and will ask for his "baba" after we put the kids to bed at night. He has just completely weaned himself from nursing and while I'm a little sad that it's just another sign he's growing up, I also love that he gets so excited for his bottle and cuddles up to have his milk. Plus there's the added bonus that other people can feed him a bottle now & it frees up a bit of time for Mommy :)

Grayson learned how to climb up on the couch & chair last month & now he knows how to turn around to get down safely. It makes things so much easier now that I can let him sit on the chair without worrying about him toppling off.

Grayson started cutting this tooth last month but it still isn't all the way through! hopefully he starts getting the rest of them soon, I just pray they don't all come at once and cause him some serious pain :(

Grayson had a wellness checkup today and he is now 20.5 lbs (close to 15th percentile), his height is 82.5cm (85th percentile) and his head circumference is 44.5 cm (3rd percentile) the Doctor was surprised by his weight jump, but he has been eating solids more and is 100% on homogenized milk. His appetite has been much better the last couple of weeks and he is eating most food that we are.

Grayson's favourite foods are breads, fruit, yogurt and ice cream. His favourite toys are cars, trains, balls & he just started enjoying books. His all time favourite thing to do is dance :)

We get Grayson up at 6:45 during the week, so that he can have time to drink his morning bottle. Gavin usually gives him that bottle & Grayson always falls back asleep - he just sleeps a bit more on the floor until the boys come down just after 7am :) on weekends my little boy will sleep until 7:30 or 8am, it's so nice.

Happy 15 months Grayson!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Halloween Fun

We were away visiting family the weekend before Halloween, so that meant the boys were up late the night before carving pumpkins. Owen wanted to carve a scary face & Noah wanted a bat. Gavin suggested carving a bat signal & Noah loved the idea :) They dug right in & pretty much did all of the yucky work themselves. They needed a bit of help scraping the sides clean, but for the most part did it all. 

Silly boy wanted me to take a photo of him pretending to eat the goop. Yuck!

After carving the pumpkin, they gathered enough seeds & roasted them for a tasty treat :)

The finished pumpkins!

The kids were to wear black & orange at Owen's school on Halloween (they don't wear costumes to school) so I dressed them all in their Halloween shirts. Looking at the camera all at the same time is impossible for my guys.

Grayson's 1st Halloween trick-or-treating :) This monkey costume has made it through all 3 of the kids first Halloweens - I'm sad to say it will be moving on to a new family :( Look how adorable my little monkey is! he loved wearing it. He went to a few of the neighbours houses & then came back home to help me hand out candy. 

This year Owen wanted to be a witch. While shopping for costumes my little boy saw the witches broom & wanted me to buy it for him. I wasn't going to buy it just to have a broom & so owen decided that he would be a witch for Halloween. The evening of Halloween was wet & cold, last minute Owen thought it would be a good idea to leave the broom at home - so it wouldn't get wet & dirty ;) That's my boy! It was also windy & his hat kept blowing off so it was delivered back to the house & all he wore was the cape. I don't think anyone could tell he was a witch but it didn't seem to bother him.

Noah was the cutest clown ever! clown costumes aren't as popular as they used to be & it made me smile that he wanted to be a clown. 

Hannah and her Mom joined us for Halloween again this year & the kids enjoyed their evening together. Doesn't Hannah make a cute Cinderella?

I love this cute photo of them all waiting at the door

Grayson enjoyed his first treat - an Aero chocolate bar

Post chocolate daze

Owen & Noah dumped their candy out on the floor and sorted it all, Grayson thought he'd do the same with his candy :) soooo cute! he only had about four or five different things in his bucket, but I love how he wants to do everything his older brothers are doing :)

Happy Halloween!