Thursday, November 23, 2006

The wait that ends all waits

I don't like to wait. There I said it, now it's time to get over it. I had this "discussion" with Gavin last night it went something like this, Me-"Why can't I have what I want BEFORE I even know I want it?" you can imagine for yourself the look on his face, and if you're my mother you would be thinking "that poor poor man".
Does that not sound like the most juvenile thing to say in the world? Of course Gavin with the ever logical explainations said " So what are you going to do, not wait? No one promised you any different".
As I waited for him to apologize for not listening to my feelings, I realized he was right again. No one ever promised me that the wait would be easy, or would it be a short wait. But, I've always known for myself that the wait would be worth it, and if this baby can wait for parents, I can wait for this baby.
Then I thought to myself that things could be MUCH worse. I could be my baby's birth mother who has to "WAIT" for the terrible day that she must leave her baby and walk away knowing that she will probably never know what has become of him or her.So as I wait for my life to begin, she waits for a piece of her life to end. I'm going to endure the wait, and be happy in the end, forever grateful to someone else that is sacrificing so much more than I ever could imagine.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Seen any great diaper bags?



What is a girl to do with her wait for baby? Why search for the perfect diaper bag of course! However, I love all of these options and need help deciding, so please help me and vote for your favourite diaper bag! I'm leaning towards the blue shades of the diaper bags,(our stroller has blue on it) but I really LOVE them all so please help!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

With only 64 days and counting

This is what I have to move into in less than 64 days! Can you believe it? did you notice that there is no roof?!. Good God what are we going to do if this house isn't finished on time? We've sold our other house already, and we have until January 18th to be out.I know that subdivision houses can be finshed really fast (too fast) but they can also be finished very slowly like this one. Our original closing date was August 30th, see the problem here?. With it being close to winter, Christmas holidays etc. I really don't see how we will be able to move in with only 64 days left to go. I think that the homes head office will need another phone call from a "crazy" wife.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Saigon Traffic Video

Saigon Traffic Video

Please try to ignore the terrible music on this video! This is what the traffic is like in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City),there are few if any traffic rules. Apparently the best way to cross the road is to not look, close your eyes and hope for the best!.I suppose it may be best not to know what type of vehicle took your life (a bus, car scooter?)would it matter?
Anyone that knows me could probably picture this scenario: Gavin and baby across the street safe, while I am left stranded on the other side trying to build my nerve up to cross in that chaos! I can picture it now, and for the record that had better not happen!