Monday, July 26, 2010

Owen's 3rd Birthday Party

**updated with birthday video**

Owen had a blast celebrating his third birthday with family and friends! I was impressed by how willing he was to share his new toys with his friends and by how polite he was to everyone, he was even polite enough to wish Uncle Adam a happy birthday when he arrived even though Uncle Adam's birthday was last month!

We spent the morning in a scramble trying to get everything ready before guests arrived. Gavin was busy saturday morning and then it rained all afternoon so preparing the backyard for the party had to wait until sunday. The kids could sense the excitement and were so hyper and busy all morning, it made getting things ready even more difficult.

The theme of the birthday party was "sports" so Gavin spray painted a mini soccer field in the backyard. The grass grows really slowly in the backyard so I expect we will have the soccer field there for the rest of the summer! Luckily the weather co-operated and we had a great afternoon outdoors.

The kids decorated sun visors as a craft. Noah refused to put his on and I think Owen wore his for a few minutes. I had bought a few pink visors for some of our girl guests but wee cousin Kian thought he'd look good in pink. I'm guessing he doesn't see much pink in his day :) The little kids looked so cute working on their crafts. As expected Owen covered his sun visor with as many stickers as he could fit on it.

I baked Owen's birthday cake on friday and then spent the better part of the day saturday decorating it. I don't think you can tell but Owen had stuck his fingers into the side of the cake when I had my back turned for one second. I turned to see him licking the blue icing off his fingers and saying "I LOVE soccer ball cake!" I wasn't impressed that I had to try and fix the cake the best I could, but he didn't mean any harm and he was so pleased with his cake I couldn't really be mad for long.

I think eating cake is Owen's favourite part of any celebration. I'm sure he likes cake more than opening gifts.

Owen received many great gifts from his family and friends, he was spoiled again this year! Here he is posing with his Buzz and Woody interactive toys, a gift from Mommy, Daddy and Noah.

We couldn't have asked for a better day. Owen loves his family and friends and everyone came out to help him celebrate his special day! I just love seeing my boy so happy makes all of the planning and effort worth it. Owen turns three on July 31st and we are celebrating his birthday at his favourite place! Can't wait!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

17 Months Old

Full of personality but not so many words, he still gets his point across and you can definitely tell what he wants. We often try and get him to say the words we know he can say but he is so incredibly stubborn and will only talk when he feels like it. On the rare occasions he does say a new word I try and make a big deal out of it hoping that mommy's excitement will push him to try and say more. So far though, not much success. He can roar like a lion and bark like a dog but I'm not sure how far that will take him :)

Noah is at the stage now that whatever someone else has or is doing he must have it or do it to. It's been frustrating because there are still things that he is a little young for but he throws the hugest fits. We've just learned to walk away and ignore him that seems to be the only thing that stops the temper tantrum. My mom cared for the kids on saturday so that Gavin and I could go out and celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. When we returned she was telling us about Noah throwing a hissy fit about something and she had no idea what it was he wanted. Apparently he sat in the other room and ignored her for a while! I think she was surprised to see him act like that because usually everyone comments on how good Noah is and how quiet he is.

Noah's favourite toys are cars, trucks and balls. Anything round is a ball to him so he is constantly throwing food such as blueberries across the room and saying "ball". Yesterday at the grocery store he wanted the watermelon that was in our cart because he thought it was a ball. He had his first major melt down in public because he couldn't throw a watermelon. You've got to love the toddler times :) His favourite book is a truck picture book and we must read it every night.

Noah keeps us incredibly busy but always entertained! he stops just long enough for some extra cuddles and to give us big open mouth kisses! I just love my energetic mamas boy.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Owen's First Soccer Game

Owen played his first soccer game tonight and he loved it! the games are really practices and they don't actually play games until the age 5 group. He is in the 3 and under group and it is hilarious to watch! luckily he had a great time and listened to the coach, there were many kids crying on the field, sitting down, running the other way and not paying attention at all. One little guy wouldn't even put on the navy jersey he wanted to wear the shirt he came in! For his age group one parent must remain on the field at all times.

Getting ready for the game!

listening to the coach give direction for the evening

When asked who wanted to go first in the soccer drill, Owen volunteered. I was so proud to see him so confident.

High Five for his goal!

Hip Hip Hooray!

I can hardly wait until next weeks game!
This past weekend we took a trip to Brockville area to visit my brother and sister-in law. They recently bought a trailer in the same park as Kaila's parents so we were thrilled to be able to spend the weekend at the beach and have a campfire. There was also a baby shower planned for Kaila that was supposed to be a surprise but it was obvious she knew about it :) and if she didn't Owen sure gave it away in the first few minutes of our visit.

Gavin and Uncle Derek took the boys swimming in the lake. The lake was freezing! I couldn't get in past my waist it was so cold.

Playing football with Uncle Derek

Playing at the worlds scariest park :)

Aunt Kaila is a trooper! the weather was incredibly hot and she found ways to keep cool! including hanging out with the kids in the kiddie pool. Besides the freezing cold lake and that little pool there was literally no relief form the heat. We joked with Kaila that the kiddie pool could be her birthing pool, but seriously she is so close to her due date that it could have been!

The next time we visit with Derek and Kaila we will finally be able to hold our niece and welcome her to the world!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Noah's First Haircut

I finally got around to making an appointment to get Noah's hair cut, which meant that Owen was going to get his hair cut at the same time out of convenience. Gavin made me promise to only get their hair trimmed, he says he lives vicariously through them because they have hair and he doesn't :)

The place was packed but luckily the Thomas seat was available.

My well groomed boy! it hardly looks like he even had a hair cut. But for those that have seen Noah lately you can tell that his hair is slightly less "bushy". Noah did great and didn't fuss at all, he loved sitting in the character seat and pretending to drive.

I think he looks just as cute and he didn't lose any of his curl :)