Saturday, April 17, 2010

An Interview with Owen

The other evening during bath time I asked Owen what some of his favourite things were. Here are his answers. Some things I suspected but there were some answers that surprised me.

Favourite Food- Pizza
Favourite Vegetable- Peas
Favourite Fruit - Pineapple
Favourite song - Just Can't Wait to be King (Lion King)
Favourite Movie - Planet 51
Favourite T.V show- Diego
Favourite Colour- Red (I had no idea, I would have guessed blue)

I know many of these answers will change as he gets older particularly his music interest, but it's neat to see what he likes at almost 3 years old.

In other Owen news my boy is mostly potty trained, he will still have occasional accidents but they are rare (he had 1 accident in the last 5 days). He even stays dry over night. We have also been trying to decrease his dependancy on his soother. We started a few months ago with not letting him take it out of the house, now he only uses it when he goes to bed. We are getting there slowly but at least it's a step in the right direction. Also, the last few nights he has been going to sleep in his own bed. He still wakes up and asks to come sleep in our bed, but last night he stayed in his own bed until 6:15 in the morning! Hopefully by summer he will be totally potty trained, not using a soother and sleeping in his own bed all night. If he's not that's OK though, things will happen when he's ready and not before.

14 Months Old

While at Little Feet fitness last weekend a man asked me how old Noah was and after I told him said "Wow that boy is fearless!". Fearless is a good word for him, seriously he acts like he's two years old. It must be because of the age group I care for at daycare and what he's learning from them. He's constantly watching what the older kids are doing and always wants in on the action! he throws tantrums if you tell him "no" or try to distract him into playing something more age appropriate. I'm not ready for my baby to grow up, but he sure is rushing things.

Noah is still about 20lbs according to our home scale and still loves all fruit and vegetables. He hasn't learned any new words this month but I can tell he understands most things we talk about. When you ask him if he wants a bath or wants to go to bed he walks over to the stairs and bangs on the gate. When we try to get Noah to talk Owen takes over answering for Noah. I wonder if that will delay Noah's speech a little. He still only has 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 bottom) and is working on his top molars. His molars are causing a bit of grief the last week or so and we will be happy when they finally come in. Other than that there is nothing much new this past month.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally some pictures from Easter weekend! The weather was great, we spent lots of time outdoors. Friday we went to a farm and had an easter egg hunt, saturday we spent time with Gavin's family, and sunday we had brunch with my family.

Uncle Jeff would push Owen on the swing and then jump out of the way pretending that Owen hit him with the swing. Owen thought it was hilarious!

Cousin Kian enjoyed some time with the water table. Later we tried to get a few pictures of our little "easter bunnies" wearing their bunny ears. Not an easy challenge I didn't even have time to grab the camera. You can see the best picture that was captured on
Kian's blog.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Normally Noah never makes a mess while eating. Tonight was a different story. When I looked over and saw this face I couldn't stop laughing we just had to grab the camera! even after his bath his eyebrows are still a little orange :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rainy Day Fun!

The last few days have been rainy out so we've been stuck inside besides our walks to and from the school. I've noticed that the days the kids don't get outside to run around are really difficult for everyone! I decided to try an activity I had read about on this blog. There is a list of many rainy day projects that I'm sure the kids would love but we decided to try out the rice and beans activity first. It had great reviews and clean up was supposed to be not too bad what more could I ask for?
I didn't have any beans so we substituted with macaroni. The kids played for an hour and a half! I have never seen them play so long at one activity. They dumped rice from one bowl to another, and used funnels and cups to move it all around. As the mess grew I must admit I was near panic. I was really questioning the quick clean up part of the review. If there is one thing Gavin hates on the floor it is rice! he would never have done this activity with the kids and he would have been freaking out if he saw the mess. By the time the daycare kids got picked up to go home the mess in the kitchen was unbelievable and there was rice all the way to the front door!

Here are a couple of pictures - the beginning of chaos. I was too scared to put down the broom in the end to take any more pictures.

The kids had a great time and were kept entertained for a long time. In the end clean up was a breeze and only took about 20 minutes with the broom and a quick vacuum.We will definitely be doing this activity again!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

The weather has been great the last couple of days so we put the water table outside for the kids to splash around in. Owen has always loved playing with the water table, and I knew based on Noah's love of the bath that he would think he was in heaven being allowed to splash in water. Noah was drenched within seconds filling a cup and pouring it all down the front of himself!

handsome boy

noah also loves to play with the soccer ball. he is always carrying it, throwing it or kicking it around outside. next to playing in the water i think it may be his favourite toy.

i just love seeing my two boys hanging out together.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Fun Fun Fun!

Today my mom joined us at a local farm for an easter egg hunt, the kids had a blast. There was easter basket decorating, baby chicks, wagon rides out into the field to search for easter eggs alongside the easter bunny, and plenty of opportunity to get dirty! The weather was fantastic and we spent the entire morning at the farm.

noah with grandma

the kids could have stayed all day watching the baby chicks.

face painting. Owen was 'encouraged' to have an easter egg drawn on his cheek. something easy for the girl to draw :)

noah found an egg! and yes his hat is too big for his wee head. all hats are too big for his head.

owen and grandma searching for eggs.

owen found an egg!

owen and noah posing with the strangest looking easter bunny.

the filled easter baskets. notice the stump in noah's? that's owen's doing. owen must have been saving room in his basket for eggs, the kids could trade the plastic eggs in at the end for chocolate eggs. by the time we left the farm we must have had three of those stumps. i didn't notice any other kids collecting them but mine. I must remember to add them to owen's stick and rock collection by my front porch :) owen is always collecting things on our walks, such a little boy :)

playing in the dirt pile. check out those pants!

noah playing in the sand. he loved to run his fingers through the sand. mommy cringed the whole time, i can't stand the feeling of dirt.

at the top of a very steep hill ready to take a turn running down to the bottom. surprisingly owen didn't fall. i was expecting him to tumble all the way to the bottom.