Sunday, November 21, 2010

Santa Claus Parade

You can tell we've entered into a busier time of year by the lack of blog posts! I really need to try and make some time to update the blog more often. Last night we bundled the kids up and headed to the Santa Claus parade. We had a good time but had to wait quite a while for the floats to get to where we were waiting. Next weekend there is a smaller town parade and I may try and take the kids there, I found that it was a great parade for little kids last year.

After the parade I asked Owen what his favourite float was and he told me it was the tractor. No surprise there.

I've been busy planning activities for the daycare kids and getting things ready for the Christmas season, we have dozens of cookies to bake and tons of crafts to make. I'm exhausted thinking of the things we have planned to do! It should be loads of fun though!