Thursday, May 26, 2011

28 Weeks

Last week I had my glucose test and a O.B appointment, luckily I was able to start my glucose test then go to my O.B appointment and return for the blood work. Of course it was the only time my O.B was running late and the one hour test turned into a two hour test, I'm so thankful that my mom cares for the kids while I have all of these appointments. I have another one at 30 weeks and then the bi-weekly appointments start - Yikes! it seems to be happening so fast this time around!. I mentioned the cramping I was having to the doctor and he was quite concerned about the frequency of the contractions. He told me to monitor how many contractions I was having an hour and if it was 6 or more to head to the hospital. While braxton hicks contractions can be more painful with each pregnancy, they shouldn't have been occurring as often as I was feeling them. He looked at my paperwork and mentioned that while having other kids at home it's hard to find time to rest but it's important to listen to my body and rest when needed to avoid going into preterm labour. I'm glad that the cramping has been better this week and I will do everything I can to avoid having this little one come earlier than August!
I was glad to have had the appointment when I did because just a few days earlier I came down with an awful flu and ended up losing 5lbs in one day! I was still up about 2 pounds by my appointment bringing my total weight gain so far 16 pounds. So far I am measuring right on and the doctor doesn't seem concerned with the weight or my size.

Welcome to Trimester 3!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

26 Weeks

This past week I've had some cramping that I assume are Braxton Hicks contractions, but I don't remember them being painful when I was pregnant with Noah. I'll ask the O.B about them next week but they aren't really in a pattern nor are they intensifying so I don't think they are anything to worry about. It could also just be some "growing" pains as I think I've gotten a little bigger over the past couple of weeks.

Here is my 26 week belly pic

and a comparison pic of when I was pregnant with Noah

Yikes! did you notice the ticker is less than 100 days now? seems like the birth is just around the corner and we have a million things to get done first!

Water Lovin' Boys

Swim lessons this time around are going great, the boys are showing such confidence and truly love to be in the water! The difference a year has made in Owen's swimming is incredible. Last year he didn't like to get his entire face wet, he would blow bubbles in the water when asked but that would be about it. When jumping in the water he always tried to keep his head from going under, this year it's a different story! he has no problem jumping right in and will even go under the water to retrieve dive sticks from the bottom of the shallow end, he requires a bit of help to get to the bottom of the pool but we are so surprised he will even attempt to do that. We'll likely take a break from swim lessons during the summer months but plan to put Owen into his first non parented swim lessons in the fall.

Noah has the same instructor as Owen and they have their lessons back to back. He loves to be in the water and his favourite thing so far is to jump into the pool, whenever they are given a few minutes of free play Noah always chooses to practice jumping, most of the other kids want to play with the pool toys but not my boy! I love watching him count to three before he jumps in, he prefers someone to be holding his hands while he jump but has no problem with going under the water. One thing we find funny is that the boys have always practiced blowing bubbles in the bath tub so we know Noah can do it, but for some reason in the pool he tries to lick the water instead!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year and the boys were so sweet and well behaved it was perfect really. The morning started with Owen wishing me a Happy Mother's Day and telling me that I really love him that's why I'm his Mother :) sooo sweet and it took everything I had to fight back the tears. Then he finally caved and told me what my gift was (he didn't spill the secret all week until last minute)

Gavin had asked Owen what he wanted to get me for Mother's day and he said a stamp. Gavin thought it was kind of a strange gift for him to want to buy but he went along with the suggestion. As soon as I opened it I understood why Owen thought it would be great. Weeks ago we went to apply for Owen's SIN card and one of the office clerks had a hand stamp that Owen thought was great, he kept mentioning we didn't own one and I guess he never forgot!
Anyway the gift is perfect and is so my little boy. I'm looking forward to stamping some little love notes for his school lunches in the fall - I think he'll love little surprises like that.

Below is my Mother's Day card. gavin asked the boys a few questions and these are Owen's answers.

Noah's answers (some he actually answered on his own) I'm not sure who thought pudding was my favourite food though...

The boys took me out for breakfast and the rest of the day we spent together enjoying the great weather.

We think of Owen's birth parents often but especially on holidays such as these. We hope somehow his birth Mother knows just how much he is loved and is comforted by that.