Thursday, March 21, 2013

Zoo To You Party

I have been wanting to have a Zoo to You party for one of my kids (probably Noah) since I first learned about them! A few weekends ago we got invited to a friend's son's party & I thought it would be a good way to see if the party is worth the costly price tag! It sooooo was! very educational, professional and hands on for the kids! It definitely will be a party that kids remember & it was fun for the adults too. Plus, there were some great photo opportunities!

My boys were so brave! there was no way I'd be touching a tarantula! (the pic above isn't of one of my boys) 

We had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us Cheryl!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

19 Months Old

19 Months old! still super cute and causing trouble :) he keeps me busy & he is oh so fast! literally running these days (him and me) and getting into every thing. He's been a little parrot lately, repeating everything he hears from his brothers & they think it's hilarious to get him to repeat 'potty words'. The other day he grabbed the wipes container & said "poo poo" so those potty words are useful at times :)

Grayson LOVES his big brother! he follows his brothers all over and is always snuggling, hugging & kissing them. I c aught them cuddling on the couch the other day & it just melts my heart to see them like that. I hope they always remain so close!

Here Grayson is trying to fit in with his brothers and sit at the kitchen table for snack. I think I remove him from the chairs fifty times a day.

Grayson sure has been loving his food lately! He's started using a fork & spoon and does quite well, although, by these photos you would never know that!

We're on day 4 of Grayson napping and sleeping in his crib. We still feed him a bottle and hold him until he falls asleep (he's always been fairly easy to put to sleep) then we put him in his crib. When he wakes we just move him to our bed, but he lasted until 2am the other night and naps have been about an hour an a half before waking, so not bad. I miss cuddling him before I go to sleep though :( Up until 4 days ago, I think he slept all of an hour in his crib. 

Happy 19 Months baby! growing up way to quickly.