Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Grayson- 2 weeks old

Yesterday was Gavin's first day back at work since Grayson had been born. I was fine when he went back to work after Owen and Noah but was dreading the day this time around! Luckily, besides being exhausted in the morning the past two days haven't been too bad. They are really busy between getting the kids dressed, having a shower , snacks, meals, nursing, pumping, getting outside at least once a day, naps, starting dinner etc. but I think we'll eventually get the hang of things. Next week things change again with Owen starting school, so that will be the real test. I'm not sure what time I'll have to get up next week to get everything ready and Owen to school for 8:30, but we'll try our best. I know things will get easier once Grayson has some sort of a "routine" but for now we're doing everything on his demand and trying to fit everything else in when we can.
Last wednesday we took the kids to the CNE, I was worried about how Grayson would do but it turned out to be a great outing. We stopped by Gavin's work to show off the kids and to pick our tickets up :) and finally made it to the CNE by lunch. It started to rain just as we got there and Grayson also needed to be fed, so we waited out the rain while I fed him in the car :)

First stop was to get lunch. It seems that having another baby puts us behind schedule a little :) Then it was time for the kids to go on some rides. This year there were lots of rides that both kids could go on together so we didn't bother buying extra ride tickets for an adult to ride with them.

Owen and Noah loved this Mickey Mouse Bounce Castle

A favourite ride was the dump trucks - Owen took the job seriously while Noah sat casually with his arm out the window.

When asking for volunteers to be in the "backyard circus" both Owen and Noah put up their hands to volunteer. Owen didn't care what part he got chosen for and kept his hand up the entire time until he was finally chosen to play a tiger. Noah wasn't chosen because he was a little too young, but I think he would have done fine. At one point while they were choosing butterflies for the play Noah went up on stage. He was quickly booted off by the people organizing the play - but I think he would have been a great butterfly :)

After the play Noah was able to put on a tiger costume as well and pose for a picture.

Grayson was perfect the entire day! he woke to nurse and then went back to sleep. I was worried he wouldn't sleep that night but he slept as usual. I think the fresh air made him exhausted. Check out his cute little pose :)

Owen and Noah were so cute holding hands while waiting in line for a ride. The "love" didn't last long though, as soon as the ride was over Owen got himself off the ride and left Noah behind! Gavin was on his way to help the boys off of the ride but for a short while Noah looked pretty scared stuck on the ride by himself!

Owen was a little freaked out by the talking and walking tree.

Daddy caved and both boys were able to choose one treat before we went home. I think Owen was disappointed with his decision to buy a candy apple but he wouldn't admit it. Noah loved his huge lollipop and I couldn't believe how big of a mess he could make with it! This picture makes me laugh - so many photos of the two of them turn out like this :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Soccer Fun Day

There was a year end fun day with the soccer club and the kids had such a great time last year that we wanted to make sure they went again this year. the weather wasn't the greatest so I stayed home with Grayson while Gavin took Owen and Noah. Owen remembered that there was a clown last year that made balloon animals and was disappointed there wasn't this time around.

The kids wanted popsicles even though it wasn't the warmest day :)

They always enjoy feeding the animals at the petting zoo

The only soccer game we missed was the last one - and the kids received their medals that week. We had just come home with Grayson the day before and decided not to go to the game. Owen was able to pick up his medal at the the fun day and I took his picture with it when he got home.

Next soccer season Noah will be able to play! I think he'll love it. He really enjoyed going to Owen's games to watch this year.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bath time is a family affair around here! both boys wanted to help give Grayson his first bath at home. Owen and Noah did a good job helping bathe Grayson, but I think they expected it to be playtime like their bath usually is. Giving Grayson a bath has been on our "to do" list since monday and we finally got around to it today. That seems to be the way things are going lately and we are happy if we get anything accomplished these days. A very demanding feeding schedule, and trying to keep Owen and Noah entertained as much as possible is not leaving much time for anything else.

We have gotten out of the house a few times this week - if even for short walks around the block and to take the kids to the park. Today we ventured out on our first real "outing" since bringing Grayson home. We actually took the kids to the movies if! Gavin took Owen and Noah to see The Smurfs and Grayson and I went to see the Stars and Strollers movie The Help. We had a great time and I was a little worried about how Grayson would do while we were out and how I'd manage feeding him etc. but it worked out pretty well.

There's no photo of Grayson and I prior to our movie as were running late - but here is a pic of the other boys just before their movie:) apparently Noah loved the movie (no surprise) but Owen got a little bored half way through the movie.

My Lil' Cutie

Oh my this boy is sweet! he his so content and hardly ever cries :) luckily for us he gives us lots of cues as to when he's hungry or tired so we can tend to his needs prior to any big crying session. Grayson likes to nurse every 2 1/2 hours - 3 hours for a total of 8-10 feeds a day (usually 8), I realized today that nursing him is a full time job as he usually takes almost an hour each feed. The past couple of nights I've had to set the alarm to make sure I fed him on schedule, he needs to be woken up to feed at least every three hours. So far so good! keep it up baby :) There have been a few times at night that after a feed he is still wide awake, he seems to have his days and nights mixed up a little. We are getting some sleep though, and for that I am very grateful!

Here are some pictures of our newest little cutie!

When we left the hospital Grayson's weight had dropped to 6lbs 14oz, but at his baby wellness checkup on tuesday he was back up to 7lbs 2oz!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On Saturday while we were at the hospital spending some quality time with Grayson, Papa took Owen and Noah to a family get together. Tirza sent us some great photos of the boys and I wanted to share a few of them.

I'm thinking this decorative bike is a plant stand or something, but my creative boy found another use for it :)

I think this is the only photo of Kian and Noah together where both kiddies are looking at the camera and smiling!

Grayson's Birth Story

On wednesday morning I took the kids to the zoo and hoped that contractions would start with walking around so much. In the afternoon my O.B told me I was almost 4cm dilated and that I would likely be in labour within the next 24 hours. I started to have some mild contractions late in the afternoon and I thought that maybe things would continue. Catherine was nice enough to invite us to her house for dinner :) and the kids got to play together one last time before we decided that I should take some time off of work and have this baby already! After dinner baby grayson was feeling the need for some ice cream so we headed out for dessert with Catherine and Hannah. We had my mom come up late wednesday just incase things continued, I was worried about having to phone someone in the middle of the night to come and watch the boys. The contractions slowed down and stopped just before midnight, but I had big plans to take many walks the next day and get things moving again!

having dinner at Catherine and Hannah's - our last family pic of the four of us :)

On Thursday Jim and Meggie came up to help with the boys. They took them to a local splash pad and took us all out for lunch. I tried eating some spicy food for lunch and contractions got fairly strong, I started to think that maybe thursday would be the day and that I might have to call Gavin home from work. Contractions would come and go and they would get stronger after taking walks but again they stopped in the evening.

Friday morning I woke up at 4:30 with contractions that were regular and coming about every 10 minutes. I also had some bleeding and knew that friday would be the day! I liked that things were starting up in the morning which gave me time to eat, shower and call Jim to come and care for the boys later that day. By 8am contractions were every 7 minutes, and getting stronger. By 9am they were coming about every 5 minutes and by 10:30am decided to get checked at the hospital. My regular O.B was working that day and when he checked me I was 5 cm dilated. My O.B was eager to break my water and get things moving fast but the nurse on duty wouldn't let him. There were no labour rooms ready and she was worried things would move too fast and not be very safe. Looking back on everything I am so thankful she stepped in and stopped him from breaking my water!

I walked the hall for two hours and every few steps had intense contractions. We were to be back at 1pm in triage to be monitored and at that point my O.B was going to check me again. We finally got a room around 2pm and my nurse still didn't want the O.B to break my water until after I had an epidural. The anesthesiologist was busy in the operating room and I had to wait for the epidural. I really felt I needed on at 2pm and contractions felt much stronger and closer together that when I'd received the epidural with Noah. I tried to use the gas to take the edge off but that only made me feel sick. I was convinced they'd check me and tell me it was too late for an epidural and I was starting to get anxious. Luckily, at 4:30 the anesthesiologist arrived and administered the epidural, I felt immediate relief!

At 6:30 I was 10cm dilated and ready to push. I was able to "labour down" while the nurse prepared the room and I started to push at 7:10pm. After the second push the head was crowning and I was told to not push until the doctor got there! not an easy thing to do as I could feel the pressure- it was a really strange sensation. The doctor arrived -third push and the head was out. I screamed when I felt the head come out, it didn't hurt but it shocked me. Again I couldn't push because Grayson had the cord wrapped around his neck twice and it was really tight. The doctor cut the cord and i could push one last push to deliver the shoulders. I could feel what was happening but couldn't feel any pain. Grayson was born at 7:16pm, only 6 minutes after I started pushing. The experience was great besides my fear of not getting an epidural, and healing this time has been much faster.

post epidural - sweet relief. I couldn't stop shaking, but at least the pain was gone :)

First look at our baby boy!

Gavin cutting the cord

Welcome to the family Grayson! We love you so much!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're Home!

We're all home together! I'm so happy about that :) I missed the boys so much and they were very excited to have us home this afternoon. We were discharged at 12pm, we had to wait to get the lab results and discharge order from the Doctor. Here are a few pics until I can write more later! I'll try and update more after the boys (at least some of them) go to bed.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Contractions have picked up in frequency and intensity. They are about 5-7 minutes apart and lasting about 45-50 seconds. Starting to get to the anxious stage and hoping to meet the little baby by evening and hopefully with lots of time to enjoy the epidural. Contractions aren't too bad yet - but definitely getting stronger.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

39 Weeks

I had an O.B appointment yesterday afternoon and was almost 4cm dilated already! I was told that active labour will kick in quick when it starts up and that things should move along fairly quickly. They suspected that I'd be in labour within 24 hours but so far I'm still at home. I had some cramping that increased in strength last night but then subsided and I've had some stronger contractions this afternoon. I'm hoping it will keep up and we get to meet this little baby later tonight! It sounds like it should be soon - so we'll see when he feels like making his appearance.

I went for a walk this morning and had some spicy food for lunch. During lunch i felt some strong contractions but they have eased off a little. Hopefully after one more good walk he'll be ready and then it's baby time! Gavin ended up going to work today but wasn't sure if he should. I've got my mom here just incase things happen fast and Jim and Meggie came by and are helping with the boys. The help is much appreciated! It's much easier to focus on labour without having to worry about the boys too.

39 Week belly pic - possibly the last one? I booked my 40 week O.B appointment but they don't expect to see me at it.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

38 Weeks

During the past week I've had some signs that labour may be near. Increased feeling of nausea, more trips to the bathroom, pelvic pressure, and overall not feeling well. Yesterday I took the kids to an indoor play place and was quite uncomfortable while there, my hips and groin were aching and I was getting cramps whenever I walked around. Then during the day the cramps continued and intensified and I was starting to think the baby was really wanting to come today. At 10 pm things tapered off and I thought I should go to bed and try and get some rest. I was able to sleep from 10pm - 4am but then woke up with very uncomfortable contractions. The contractions lasted from 4am - 7am but have since stopped. The baby is still really active today and I'm feeling ready for delivery :) hoping it happens soon and the false labour/ pre - labour turns into the real thing soon! It's been a very frustrating couple of days.

Tomorrow I have an O.B appointment and an ultrasound to check the size of the baby. Hopefully they are able to let me know if things are progressing. Fingers crossed that the next time contractions start they don't stop!

update: I had my ultrasound this afternoon and everything is great with the baby! baby is 6 pounds now - expected to be about 6 and a half at birth (same as Noah). He scored an 8/8 on respirations, movement, tone etc. The ultrasound tech was getting frustrated with him because he wouldn't stop moving and she had a hard time getting the measurements. I asked about the cord insertion and was told the cord was "eccentric" meaning not in the "fattiest, most common spot on the placenta" more off to the side. It could mean he hasn't been getting enough nutrients but based on his size and score he his doing fine. My O.B thought I had experienced prodromal labour on tuesday and that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing as it does help soften and dilate the cervix but just doesn't produce a baby in the end. It's not quite 'false labour' but not 'real labour' either. I'm only 1cm dilated and cervix is soft based on a check today. I'm hoping that things start up again soon and we get to meet him soon!