Monday, August 29, 2011

Soccer Fun Day

There was a year end fun day with the soccer club and the kids had such a great time last year that we wanted to make sure they went again this year. the weather wasn't the greatest so I stayed home with Grayson while Gavin took Owen and Noah. Owen remembered that there was a clown last year that made balloon animals and was disappointed there wasn't this time around.

The kids wanted popsicles even though it wasn't the warmest day :)

They always enjoy feeding the animals at the petting zoo

The only soccer game we missed was the last one - and the kids received their medals that week. We had just come home with Grayson the day before and decided not to go to the game. Owen was able to pick up his medal at the the fun day and I took his picture with it when he got home.

Next soccer season Noah will be able to play! I think he'll love it. He really enjoyed going to Owen's games to watch this year.

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