Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun at the CNE

Yesterday we took the kids to the CNE, we arrived at 10am & left at 4pm. Gavin & I have gone for many years but this was the first time we joined some friends of ours & their kids. Owen had a blast despite missing the super dogs show, & Noah was there despite the lack of photos. That's the trouble when he gets carried all day in the carrier & Owen gets to have all the fun. Anyway, I'm sure that Noah will be in plenty of CNE pictures in the future.

There is a fantastic petting zoo at the CNE. We think that Owen enjoyed the petting zoo most of all, he wasn't afraid of any of the animals & he loved to pet them & feed them hay.

Harry & his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs was the kids show at 11am. Owen joined the kids at the front of the stage & danced through out the show.

Owen loves the rides, I had Noah in the ergo so it was Gavin that took him on the rides. Owen would be on the rides all day if you let him. This particular super slide ride freaked me out. It is really high & I wasn't sure how Gavin was going to manage getting Owen onto his lap at the top to ride down. They were fine, which was good because having to come back down the stairs would have been scarier than going down the slide.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

6 Month Weigh In

Noah's six month ( & a week) measurements are still on the 50th percentile curve of the growth chart. Except for his head which is still in the 10th percentile. He weighs 17lbs 2oz, his height is 67cm, and his head circumference is 42cm. He had his third round of vaccinations today, he was a trooper & never cried at all for the first needle. He let out a good scream for the second one though. He has a baby wellness check-up at nine months and we are happy that there are no needles at that visit.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Temper Tantrums

Yikes! the past couple of weeks have been very difficult with Owen throwing temper tantrums. The majority of them seem to be regular ol' being two years old, but a few have been much worse. Yesterday was the worst. We had a family we traveled with to Vietnam stop by for lunch, they have two kids one is Owen's age. Owen made things so difficult, crying at the slightest things & needing to be in control of everything. At first it seemed like he was having trouble sharing (something we are trying to work on) but then things escalated, he was out of control. He was screaming, throwing himself on the floor, he wouldn't play with the kids & everything had to be his way. He ordered everyone around, telling them what they could play with, where they could sit etc. I was totally embarrassed, he had never acted like that before. Needless to say our guests couldn't stay long, & eventually he calmed down enough to have a nap. Later in the afternoon he blurted out " Daddy & Mommy went on an airplane to get me" it was totally unexpected & out of the blue. Gavin & I have been talking more about his adoption, reading stories about adoption, and the past while Owen has been wanting to watch his adoption video. I woke in the middle of the night & wondered if the visit from our travel mates triggered something about adoption for Owen, the family is in the background of his adoption video so maybe he recognized them from that? We can not think of anything else that would have brought on this behaviour. We tried holding time in the evening when he was still getting upset easily & it seemed to help. We are going to limit choices, & keep a record of when behaviour like this occurs so that we can try to pin point triggers. I just hope it doesn't happen very often. Does it sound attachment related to anyone else? any other suggestions?

I should mention that he is feeling, eating & sleeping well. The problem seems to be with wanting control.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cover Models

My sister-in-law Tirza sent me a link to Today's Parent, and with a magazine subscription you can have a customized cover made of your little one/s how fun! The cover with Owen & Noah will not be seen in stores, it will appear on my personalized december issue. I'm looking forward to getting the mail already!

Monday, August 17, 2009

6 Months Old

At six months old Noah is sitting on his own much better. He sits straighter & longer before he starts to tip, it won't be long now until he masters the sitting skill. When on his tummy he can use his arms to get turned around but hasn't yet figured out to use his legs to crawl. That is perfectly fine with us, we are in no rush to have him fully mobile! He is starting to get frustrated when something is out of reach though, so I think he will start to 'army crawl' as soon as he can.

This past month Noah has started wearing some of Owen's old pajamas. I can't believe he is that big already. Some of the pajamas are a little big in the waist, but fit perfectly in length. Once the season changes Noah will be wearing all of the clothes that Owen once wore, I am looking forward to seeing some of those sweet clothes in the closet again!

Noah eats five 6oz bottles throughout the day, including one feeding in the middle of the night. He has started solids this past month, and so far has tried rice cereal, banana, avocado, yams, pears and green beans. The favourite has been the pears, followed by banana which he can feed himself using his nuby nibbler. I usually try to feed him cereal and a fruit for breakfast & cereal and a veggie for dinner.

He has become Mr. Chatty lately and he will babble sounds like "dadadada" "babababa" etc. sometimes he goes on like that for quite a while. He is just now realizing that his voice can get louder. He has started to screech & shriek super loud, often I think it's Owen when it turns out to be Noah making all the noise. He laughs a lot now, Owen can even get him to laugh. I just love to watch Noah laugh at Owen, he thinks his brother is so funny. Owen plays peek- a-boo & "this little piggy" with him & Noah's face lights up with delight while Owen is playing with him. Owen has shown much more affection towards Noah lately, wanting to hold him & sit with him, he is also wanting to hug & kiss him more. It is nice to see that they are becoming close. I imagine they will be good friends growing up together.

Lots of drool, but no teeth yet!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Proud Mama

I'm just so proud of my two little ones. Last night was the first night that we had friends care for the kids while we went out. The few times that we have had family care for the kids we usually make sure to get home for the bed routine. According to our two 'babysitters' the boys were on their best behaviour. They even slept in until 8am this morning giving Gavin & I a much needed rest. Last night we went to my brother's Jack & Jill, we enjoyed ourselves knowing that the kids were being well taken care of & we were able to stay out really late & well past our usual bedtime. Thanks friends! I can't wait to repay the favor someday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enough said...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Top Of The Charts

Owen was weighed and measured at his two year check-up today. He is 29 pounds and 87cm. According to the growth chart the doctor uses he is in the 60th percentile for weight & 50th for height. According to the Vietnamese growth chart he is sitting right on top of the weight curve!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I wish I could say that our blog absence was due to exciting things, but this past week has been just the opposite. Gavin returned to work after a fun but exhausting holiday, I think we were all just worn out from being so busy.

Owen made a mess of the windows...again

We made baby food. Noah doesn't mind yams, is getting use to banana, & absolutely hates avocado.

We visited friends on the holiday monday.

We had fun on the new climbers Owen got for his birthday.

Owen & Gavin went swimming

Noah was so well behaved at my cousin's couples wedding shower, he never cried once. I was so proud of my boy!