Monday, July 16, 2012

Canada's Wonderland

Summer wouldn't be summer without our yearly day trip to Canada's Wonderland. The kids LOVE it there and I love watching them have so much fun on the rides. This year we went mid week and it was great! there were hardly any lines and we made it on every ride in Planet Snoopy (the kids section) I'm so proud of my kids and how easy they are to take anywhere, truly they make outings so enjoyable.

Last year when I was pregnant, I remember thinking that this year would be more difficult to take the 3 of them to Wonderland. Luckily, Owen was tall enough that he could ride some rides alone and either Gavin or I could take Noah on the rides. It helped too that Noah was taller and could get on a few rides alone, but he's still not tall enough to ride many of them without one of us. Next year should be even better because Grayson will be able to go on some rides,  I can't wait!

First we headed to Leviathan the new ride at Canada's Wonderland. Gavin wanted to go on the ride, but we weren't willing to spend hours waiting in line, so we headed there first. He only waited about 30 minutes before getting on the ride, and he loved it! I'd never go on it. There's no way I'd get up the nerve - just look at that first drop! There is a new fast lane option & you can pay more to get on certain rides faster. We didn't do that, but the two people that sat beside Gavin on the ride did. One of the guys had a record of riding the Leviathan 107 times in 1 day! crazy!

This was one ride that Noah was tall enough to get on this year. He was at the very minimum height to ride alone :)

Owen's first roller coaster the Ghoster Coaster! he looks scared in the photo, but he loved it!

Family pic, Yes we were too lazy to take Grayson out of the stroller.

Checking out the dinosaurs

While waiting for the kids on this ride I overheard a lady telling her friend that she thought the little boy in the army hat was so cute. Then Owen turned around to make sure Noah got on the ride and she started gushing about him! 

Just before we went home we stopped for this photo. We got to the park when it opened at 10 and never left until 8pm. I brought the double stroller so they could take turns having a break from walking, the weather was supposed to be 32 degrees! My kids do so well to walk when we go out this was the first time that day they took advantage of the stroller & we were on our way home! Just look at how exhausted Noah looks, both he and Owen fell asleep before we left the parking lot :)

I'm looking forward to next year's trip already!

11 Months Old

11 Months Old

At Canada's Wonderland - YAY they finally took me out of the stroller!
One more month until Grayson's first birthday! seriously where is the time going? Summer always flies by and I'm not so sure I'm ready for my baby to be turning one, it is all happening too quickly. I've sent out the invites for his family birthday party & have started planning his cake, but still need to come up with a gift. The challenge is coming up with something age appropriate that we already don't have. Being the 3rd boy, he gets loads of hand me downs & it's hard to come up with new ideas for gifts.

Grayson is a music lover and dances and bops his head to any type of music. His favourites (thanks to his older brother's love of tv) are the Thomas, Backyardigans and Toopy & Binoo theme songs. He'll stop whatever he's doing to dance to those. I'm going to work on getting some video of him dancing, it's super cute. He'll start dancing as soon as you tell him to, hopefully he will always listen so well ;)

Lately, Grayson has learned to stand on his own. He'll cruise the furniture to get where he wants to go and has stopped crawling as much, preferring to always be on his feet. He can stand unassisted for 20 seconds or so before lowering himself back down.  His legs have gotten much stronger the last couple of weeks & I'm just waiting for him to take his first step. Walking isn't too far off that's for sure!

Still no teeth have cut through yet & every time he starts drooling, getting fussy or putting things in his mouth I think he must be working on cutting some teeth, but still nothing! maybe he'll follow his cousin's lead and get a tooth for his birthday? I'm not sure when we'll see them, but it must be soon! I'll miss his big gummy grin, but I'm sure he'll still be super adorable with a couple of teeth.

Cheerios are so sticky when they are wet! Grayson always gets  them stuck to his clothes and face. Here he is  with  one stuck on his nose. Still smiling, happy baby!

standing all by himself! soon he'll be walking :(

helping himself to a drink from the cooler

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Canada Day

Gavin was away on a canoe trip with some friends, so I invited my mom to stay & help with the kids for the weekend :) she was lots of help, & it meant that we'd be able to take the kids out to celebrate Canada Day. I would have done the outing by myself, but her help was much appreciated & things were MUCH easier than they would have been alone. How do single parents manage?

Rare photo of the kids and I together. Not the best, but we are all there!

I love Grayson's little onesie - now I have photos of all 3 of my boys in the  'not only am  I cute, I'm Canadian too' tee. 

Heh- he's just like his Mommy, hates the feeling of grass on his feet! check out those cute toes :)

cute little guy

Cobourg always puts on a great Waterfront festival over the Canada day weekend. This weekend we decided to go on the monday, I thought the kids would enjoying watching the skyhawks and it was likely to be less busy than the day before. Since we would be there anyways, I entered Grayson into the Beautiful Baby contest.
waiting for the beautiful baby contest to start

meeting the judges. grayson had no interest in entertaining these strangers & for the first time probably ever decided not to smile.  Oh well, it was nap time and past snack time so I think he did well enough not to cry! Can you believe he didn't win? I personally believe he is oh so beautiful. My mom was more surprised than I was that he didn't win, that's Grandmas for you! there were hundred's of babies there & so truly the odds weren't in our favor, but it was fun!

watching the skyhawks - Owen loved it!

Of course we did some rides. 

We had a great day! thanks Grandma for coming with us!