Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Run Papa Run!

This Sunday Owen and Noah's Papa will run his second Marathon. To show how proud we are of him we've put together this little video tribute to his first Marathon (just last year). Go Papa, we'll be cheering you on!

First Ice Cream Cone

Most of Owen's toys have batteries & some toys are really annoying & loud. We often fib & tell him the batteries don't work just so he doesn't play with certain items (mean I know). Now when ever something isn't working he says " no batteries" puts the item down & moves on to something else, it's been perfect. The other day he picked up one of his toys said "no batteries. go buy some & buy some treats & ice cream too" this kid is always making me laugh.

here he is enjoying his first ice cream cone.

3 months old

My littlest one is growing up so fast! at 3 months old he obviously recognizes his parents & prefers us over other people holding him. He scans the room , waves his arms in delight when he sees us, makes the sweetest baby noises & smiles. Unfortunately every time i grab the camera to try & capture a smile he gets distracted looking at the camera & the smile is soon gone!.

Just this past week Noah has rolled over on his own. I'm quite sure it has been by accident though because it usually follows him freaking out over being on his belly, he is still not a huge fan of tummy time. .

Noah has been feeding every three hours or so during the day, between 4 & 5 ounces each time. He is napping three times a day, with the longest nap being about 2 hours mid-day. Unfortunately, Owen & him nap different times now, so there is no overlap or break for me during the day. I am happy to have more one on one time with each of my boys though. Night time sleep is much better now, with Noah going to bed around 9pm, waking once or twice a night to feed, & getting up for the day around 7. It works out perfectly because Owen & I crawl out of bed at 7 as well. Occasionally Noah will sleep through the night, but at least one feeding is still typical.

We are settling in to our new family routine nicely & things are going well!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome Kian

What a special mother's day it was for our family, our first nephew was born this past thursday & was able to come home from the hospital today! We are so happy that everything went well & that both mother & baby are healthy. We look forward to watching the boys grow up together. Kian is so precious & tiny, I hardly remember Noah being that small even though it was only a few months ago. Welcome to the world sweet baby Kian!

(papa, kian, noah, gavin, owen & aunt meggie)

Happy Mother's Day

I couldn't ask for a better gift than to be a mom to these two adorable boys. I am so very lucky.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's day.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bumbo Babies

We bought this bumbo seat yesterday for Noah. The kid LOVES to sit up & watch everything around him, either that or he just likes to keep an eye on his big brother.

Apparently all of Noah's belongings belong to Owen....

Owen doesn't seem bothered by the fact that the circulation is cut off in his thighs.