Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

Owen's school hosted a Mother's Day tea & I was crazy excited to attend. All week Owen and I would talk about how fun it would be when I get to go to his school watch him perform in the concert and hang out together afterwards eating cake & drinking iced tea :) He was so excited to surprise me with the songs he learned and give me the Mother's Day gifts he created. I always talk about how much I LOVE his school and it's days like these that make his school even more special. Truly I couldn't be happier with how well he's adjusted to school and how much he enjoys it, I'm so grateful to his teachers for this positive start to his school years.

Scoping the audience for his mommy:)

seriously, this was my view the entire time! sooo frustrating.

Mommy and Owen 

Mother's day gifts :) Inside the package was a plant, what I love most about my mom write up, a cookbook of recipes  from each of the students and a painting.
I learned from the Christmas concert that going early isn't good enough to get a good seat, I thought I was being smart going REALLY early to the concert but apparently those that got the front row must've camped out,  seriously.

Taking video proved to be very difficult. I eventually had to give up and just sit back and enjoy the concert. My boy did a wonderful job and I was teary eyed through most of it :) such a performer my little boy is.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grayson Crawling

By the way Grayson was finding his way around the room, I knew it wouldn't be long until he mastered crawling. He's been rolling, twisting & turning for a while now, and the past week he was able to get from sitting position into crawling position. He'd rock back and forth and eventually flop down on his belly and get frustrated that he wasn't moving, so we knew it was coming soon. Is it bad that with each baby these type of milestone's I don't try and rush anymore? All of that changed yesterday! I spoke with my mom in the morning and told her that I suspected he'd be crawling over the next few days, and he started crawling later in the afternoon!

By the end of the week my little baby will be moving so fast all over the house. Already, his favourite spots to get to are the dvd's, speakers and towards the stairs, baby gate is going back up today for sure. Slow down baby, mommy isn't as ready as you are!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Play

When Catherine arrived to pick up Hannah, I asked her if she had her camera or video camera in the car. I wanted to video the kids acting out a play, and knew she is always prepared with her camera to capture these types of moments :) Owen was the narrater and I think he loved being able to tell the kids what to do and have them actually do it without a fight. Noah was the prince and of course, Hannah was the princess.

Sooo cute! my favourite part is When Hannah yells for Noah to come & get married, & he hurry's down the hill all ready with a kiss :) 

Friday, May 25, 2012

My boy has the best happy face ever. His whole face lights up and you can't help but smile right back at him :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A couple of weeks ago Noah finally got to take his bike out for his first ride. He got a new bike for his birthday but we needed to put the training wheels on it before he could use it. He can pedal the tricycles at  a local play place so I wasn't thinking he'd have any difficulty with his new bike but I was wrong. Poor little guy found the slight hill on our street a struggle and Daddy had to help him out with it, but he managed to ride his bike on his own on flat surface. Noah also kept putting on the brakes to stop instead of keep pedaling, but I think a couple more tries and he'll get it. 

a little help up the hill from daddy

he especially likes the new bell daddy bought for him

he kept looking at his feet instead of where he was going, made for a very wobbly ride :)

9 Months Old

9 Months old already! that's amazing to me. My littlest one is still oh so sweet and is starting to keep us busy with his constant motion! he's wanting to crawl and doesn't like sitting still for long. Somehow he finds his way around the room by rolling and most recently creeping. He's able to move himself forwards now, but hasn't quite figured out how to crawl. We don't have long before we have to put up the baby gates again, I'm guessing another week maybe two if we're lucky. Grayson is getting into everything these days, and after everything that he shouldn't. His brothers toys are a favourite for him to get to, as well as the remote and dvd's. Time to start moving valuable things out of his reach. Just this week he's started trying to pull himself up and he's already had a good head bonk off of the side bar of his jumperoo, got a nice bruise with that one - my poor baby :(

I've just started feeding Grayson some jarred baby food because he was gagging on everything else. I just can't seem to get the texture smooth enough for homemade foods and this is working out much better. At least he's getting some veggies this way and I think it's helped him sleep longer too. He hasn't been waking nearly as often and we've had a few nights in a row that he's only woken once to nurse! hopefully that trend continues, it's been great getting at least 5 hours consecutive sleep. We'll try and move him to his own room soon, probably once he doesn't wake to nurse.

cute, cute, cute! he's a jumping maniac in the jumperoo - practically bounces himself right out. 

here he goes - on the move after something!


Happy 9 Months Grayson!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Swim lessons are going well and the boys are enjoying themselves. It was a rocky start with Owen deciding he didn't like swimming because he didn't know how, and he would put up a fuss about it prior to his lessons. Luckily he isn't nervous anymore and his instructor is happy with how he is doing and how much confidence he's gained. Owen would often tell the instructor he was nervous prior to attempting the activities, but lately he hasn't been doing that & I can see he's gaining confidence as well as skill. I'm not sure he'll "pass" the sunfish level, we may need to take it again in the fall.

Noah enjoys his lessons and isn't the least bit nervous. Noah's the youngest and smallest in his class, his head is barley above the water! he is in the sea otter level, which is a gradual parent-instructor transition.  After his first lesson Gavin didn't go in the pool with him anymore and he's doing fine with his instructor. When one on one Noah does what the instructor tells him to do, but while waiting his turn he's often in his own little world - bouncing up and down and singing :)

There's a local play place that has a huge inflatable slide that the kids love. When we first started going there Hannah would climb up the slide and go down at least 3x before Noah even got to the top! his little legs just don't move very quickly ;) here is a short video of Noah on the slide.