Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grayson Crawling

By the way Grayson was finding his way around the room, I knew it wouldn't be long until he mastered crawling. He's been rolling, twisting & turning for a while now, and the past week he was able to get from sitting position into crawling position. He'd rock back and forth and eventually flop down on his belly and get frustrated that he wasn't moving, so we knew it was coming soon. Is it bad that with each baby these type of milestone's I don't try and rush anymore? All of that changed yesterday! I spoke with my mom in the morning and told her that I suspected he'd be crawling over the next few days, and he started crawling later in the afternoon!

By the end of the week my little baby will be moving so fast all over the house. Already, his favourite spots to get to are the dvd's, speakers and towards the stairs, baby gate is going back up today for sure. Slow down baby, mommy isn't as ready as you are!


Jules and Danny said...

Hey! Now he can crawl away from Issie when she is harassing him... lol

Catherine said...

Way to go Grayson!!

I totally get not rushing the milestones. They're little for such a short while. You're so wise to cherish each of these moments!! Let the baby proofing begin.

Heh...I was naive enough to think that I'd have to baby proof once. Little did I know it would happen a few times with each new vertical height she'd reach and as her little arms grew.

It's fun to hear Owen encouraging Grayson!