Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

Owen's school hosted a Mother's Day tea & I was crazy excited to attend. All week Owen and I would talk about how fun it would be when I get to go to his school watch him perform in the concert and hang out together afterwards eating cake & drinking iced tea :) He was so excited to surprise me with the songs he learned and give me the Mother's Day gifts he created. I always talk about how much I LOVE his school and it's days like these that make his school even more special. Truly I couldn't be happier with how well he's adjusted to school and how much he enjoys it, I'm so grateful to his teachers for this positive start to his school years.

Scoping the audience for his mommy:)

seriously, this was my view the entire time! sooo frustrating.

Mommy and Owen 

Mother's day gifts :) Inside the package was a plant, what I love most about my mom write up, a cookbook of recipes  from each of the students and a painting.
I learned from the Christmas concert that going early isn't good enough to get a good seat, I thought I was being smart going REALLY early to the concert but apparently those that got the front row must've camped out,  seriously.

Taking video proved to be very difficult. I eventually had to give up and just sit back and enjoy the concert. My boy did a wonderful job and I was teary eyed through most of it :) such a performer my little boy is.


Catherine said...

Precious moments with your adorable little guy! Next time I watch the kids 3 days in advance and you pitch a tent! ;o)

Ange said...

LOL Next year I"m not going to have any "school friends" anymore, I am sooooo getting front row. Not sure what we'll do when Hannah and Noah go to school, might need to both go to the same school just so we can tag team and keep good spots at the concerts ;)