Tuesday, June 18, 2013

22 Months Old

22 months! such a little character :) the above photo was taken when trying to get some cute photos for a Father's day gift for Gavin & Grayson just would not cooperate, he refused to hold the "daddy" sign & wouldn't sit where I wanted him to. We went with the above photo (it was the only photo of him looking at the camera) and I had to switch things up and have the other boys take silly photos as well. Turns out I like the gift better this way & it really captures each of the boys personalities. I'm sure Gavin will appreciate his gift from the boys :)

Grayson is now 25 lbs and still only has one bottom from tooth. He's really working hard on cutting the other ones & has been a drooling mess for a couple of weeks now :( poor baby! I feel for him. but luckily he hasn't seemed too bothered by them. I'll be so happy when he finally has all of his teeth and we are finally over this teething process! He is mighty cute with just that 1 lonely pearly white though!

Grayson sure has an opinion these days and when offered this fudgsicle for dessert I thought he was going to whip it across the room. He has never had any frozen treat except for ice cream and had no idea what it was lol. It took some convincing but eventually he tasted it & then there was no way he was giving it up, he LOVED it! - yes that is drool on his shirt. Totally gross, and he just will not leave a bib on. He goes through a few t-shirts a day lately.

I was upstairs putting away a load of laundry when I heard "I stuck...I stuck!" I knew he was sitting on the outside of the staircase (not the first time he's been "stuck" there) and when I didn't rush to his rescue as quickly as he'd like he called out "mom, help me!" so funny! of course I just had to snag this quick phot before helping him off of the stairs - he wasn't in any immediate danger ;)

His language has exploded! sooo many new words every day. Speaking in short sentences now & joining conversations, it's amazing how quickly he is growing up. He loves to be silly and now tries to initiate the silliness with the boys and get them laughing. 

Happy 22 Months sweet 'baby'. Not long now until your 2nd Birthday & Mommy has already started planning your party.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Owen finished his 'Learn To Skate' program & I'm proud to say he actually learned to skate! He absolutely LOVED his skating lessons & would be so excited for tuesday evenings :) Usually we attend sport activities as a family, but we found that the ice rink was really boring for Noah & Grayson. There isn't anything for them to do, anywhere to play & they can't see over the boards to even watch Owen, so we decided to take turns attending Owen's lessons. I'll admit that at first it bothered me not to see him each week, but I was able to see so much progress every other week. I am really proud at how well he did, how hard he tried & how much he enjoyed himself. They really learned some difficult moves for a beginner level, and even learned to skate backwards. Way to go Owen!! Seriously, if there was an award for 'most determined' it would go to him :) he would practice while waiting his turn in line lol.

Here is a video of the very last class