Saturday, February 23, 2008

the main man

I can't believe how hard it is to find a minute to update the blog. This baby is keeping us busy for sure. A typical day starts at 7am and goes straight to 7pm. Owen only naps a total of 1 hour the entire day. i think he's afraid to miss something. At night though he sleeps with us & is sleeping through the night (mostly). If he does wake up, we are able to soothe him & get him back to sleep easliy. Usually he just reaches out his arm to make sure we are still there. Sometimes though he pats your face & giggles & starts clapping his hands in the middle of the night, It is usually when we know he is awake but hoping he goes back to sleep. You can't help but laugh at him. He is so funny sometimes. Even at 3am he can be so cute!

We have been trying to balance family time, one on one time with owen, & visiting friends & family. We had a welcome home party a couple of weeks ago & had friends & family over that day. Now we are focusing on owen & spending time with him. We have been gaining his trust little by little. He has come a long way from that first day we had him. He is amazing. So trusting with his little heart already. We just love him.

After he has a bottle he just turns into us & goes to sleep. So sweet. He doesn't try to hold his bottle anymore, he lets us feed him. We want him to know that he has a mom & dad now to look after him. Feeding is going very well. He LOVES food. Which is obvious because at his last DR. appointment he weighed 20 pounds. If we are eating & he isn't watch out!

Vietnam feels like it was so long ago. We are already talking about when we would like to go back & visit.Most days i can't believe he is finally home. It seems like we've always been together.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008