Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Race

On Saturday June 24th the kids took part in the 1st annual Run for Turtles 1 km fun run. Owen was excited about the run and all week kept talking about how he was going to beat Papa in a race! so cute.

Sweetest runner number 4 I've ever seen, even with the silly grin on his face.

Sweetest runner number 3 I've ever seen. Noah was thrilled to be out of the stroller and free to run in the open space.

Sweetest runner number 2 I've ever seen. My nephew Kian was the youngest runner there!

Here are the boys looking really excited before the race!

On your mark, get set, go! The three of them were the youngest participants and I think they were also the last to cross the start line!

Here comes Owen! he finished the race in 9 minutes 25 seconds. Papa said he only walked part of the way and ran most of it! Way to go Owen!

Owen wanted to cross the finish line again :) you can see Gavin, Noah and Papa coming in behind.

Here comes Noah! Noah and Kian both spent part of the race in the stroller but managed to run what they could. Noah would have crossed the finish line at just over 13 minutes but took a little break at the finish line to wait for his cousin! I think both Noah and Kian actually crossed the finish line at about the 15 minute mark. Noah saw that Kian wasn't quite finished running yet and the two boys both took off running back in the other direction! all of the on lookers got a good giggle out of that.

Here is Noah finally crossing the finish line with daddy.

The boys enjoyed their shortbread cookie in the shape of a turtle. Owen thought that was his prize for "winning the race" :)

Family photo after the race

We had a great time and look forward to the second annual turtle run. Thanks for registering the boys Papa!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

During the past week we've been getting ready for father's day by making crafts, cards and baking. This is a picture of Owen's father's day card. He has just recently started to draw recognizable pictures. If you look closely you can see the face (drawn in blue marker) on his picture of daddy. The red object in the left hand corner is a balloon. So far he likes to draw pictures of daddy, the sun and balloons.

This is the inside of the card. We have been practicing writing his name and I think he's done a great job! we cut an apple in half covered it in red paint and stamped the apple on the page. The kids painted their fingertips and made finger print caterpillars, the card reads "You are the apple of my eye, I love you to the core"

We also made use of our rock collection and painted "dad rocks".

About Owen and Noah's Dad (I asked Owen the following questions and these are his answers)

Q- How old is your dad?
A - 1 year old

Q- What is your dad's favourite colour?
A- Blue

Q- What does your dad like to do?
A- Play games, cook, watch hockey

Q - What does your dad like to cook?
A - Mushrooms, Hamburgers, Chicken

Q - What do you like to play with your Dad?
A - Tractors

Q - What do you love about your Dad?
A - 'Cause I do. He makes pancakes.

So there you have it. That's what makes the worlds most perfect daddy :)

Saturday we slept in, gave Gavin his father's day gifts and then we took the kids to see Toy Story 3. It was awesome and surprisingly Noah watched the entire movie. Yes, we were brave to try and take both kids but I didn't want to stay home with Noah I wanted to see the movie as well.

Today we spent the day with Gavin's family and had a great time. The kids spent the afternoon in the kiddie pool and playing with Kian's bubble lawn mower. I think Owen and Noah were waterlogged by the time we went home and Noah was sleeping in his car seat before we hit the end of their street! Neither of the boys had slept in the afternoon (Noah fell asleep in the swing in the morning and that threw his afternoon nap off) and were exhausted. Now that Kian is mobile things are really getting fun at family get togethers. Busier for sure, but fun nonetheless!

Owen and Aunt Meggie catching bubbles

Even daddy got in on the pool fun

Water loving boy

Kian hanging out with Uncle Gavin

Kian taking a turn on the water slide

Saturday, June 19, 2010

16 Months Old

Noah has really gotten into his role of little brother, he loves to destroy everything of Owens! his new favourite thing is to wreck the lego towers that Owen builds and colour on Owen's pages. Anytime the markers or crayons are out Noah wants to colour. I wonder if he will be an artist someday, scribbling is his favourite thing to do right now. His other favourite activities include dancing and any outdoor play. He really likes to play at the park and will climb up and down the ladder to the slide over and over again. If someone is at the park with their dog even better! he is really in love with dogs lately and notices them everywhere. I just have to be very careful that he doesn't run off and try and chase them. Hours are spent running around the kitchen and family room and any play involving running or climbing is enjoyed. I spend lots of my time getting Noah down from high places like the picnic table. He has also been taking the cushions off of the chair and couch so that he can stand on top of the chair and leap onto the cushions. I don't like that game very much so I am constantly trying to deter him from any game that involves leaping from high objects. The boy is a risk taker for sure.

Often we find ourselves talking about how "easy" Noah is. He eats and sleeps really well, rarely waking in the night anymore (except if he is cutting a new tooth). Not sleeping well for ten months and crying with reflux issues for five months is almost a distant memory. Despite a few temper tantrums like the ones he throws when he has to return the decorative rocks to the neighbors walkway, or when he has to come inside to eat dinner, he is generally a very happy little boy. Just don't take a toy out of his hands he will get it back! he is very determind and will use whatever means necessary to get what he wants.

Noah is currently 22lbs and has two new bottom teeth. His new words this month include "boo", "woof" and "up".

Happy 16 Months Noah!