Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Love Letters :)

(handcrafted ninja turtle mask)
So it appears that Owen has a couple of admirers in his kindergarten class :) he came home the other day after school and quickly emptied out his backpack & headed upstairs with what I assumed was some artwork from school. He knows he's to show me everything in his backpack before he puts anything away, so I went to check on what he had. Turns out he had two "love letters" from a couple of girls in his class. He found the letters in his class "mailbox" at the end of the day :)

The back of the one picture was covered in XO's & when I questioned him about these "girl friends" he became embarrassed and said " I don't play with these girls. I only like to play with my group of friends" (his group happens to be all the SK boys, total of 5 of them) I told him I thought it was nice of the girls to draw him a picture and that they must think he's a nice boy :) he rolled his eyes (won't be the first time I'm sure) and said " they are jealous of each other and always try to see who can draw me the better picture. And B isn't that nice - she had to sit in time out because she covered herself in stamps & Mrs. C wasn't very happy with her" lol 

I just LOVE kindergarten and don't want the sweetness to end. What will grade 1 bring? 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Learn To Skate Lesson

Owen started a learn to skate program at the community centre. He has had four, hour long lessons so far, & we notice improvement with each lesson. The program divides children into groups based on ability & he is in the very beginner class. There are kids that range in age from 5 years to 10 years & he looks so small on the ice compared to the older kids. I'm so happy with the program and already am looking forward to having Noah take lessons as well next year. There are ten lessons in total, & I'm sure he'll be skating by the end of them. 

first day of learn to skate lessons. 


The first lesson they mostly focused on "getting up" from the ice :) the kids were to toss a ring "skate" towards it, fall on the ice & get back up. 

Owen loves the hockey portion of the lessons. He's been asking to play hockey for a few months now & we agreed that if he was still interested next year, & after his learn to skate lessons that we'd sign him up for hockey next year. He actually calls his skating lessons "hockey lessons" lol. So fun to watch him  learn new things and to see him really enjoy something:)