Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Love Letters :)

(handcrafted ninja turtle mask)
So it appears that Owen has a couple of admirers in his kindergarten class :) he came home the other day after school and quickly emptied out his backpack & headed upstairs with what I assumed was some artwork from school. He knows he's to show me everything in his backpack before he puts anything away, so I went to check on what he had. Turns out he had two "love letters" from a couple of girls in his class. He found the letters in his class "mailbox" at the end of the day :)

The back of the one picture was covered in XO's & when I questioned him about these "girl friends" he became embarrassed and said " I don't play with these girls. I only like to play with my group of friends" (his group happens to be all the SK boys, total of 5 of them) I told him I thought it was nice of the girls to draw him a picture and that they must think he's a nice boy :) he rolled his eyes (won't be the first time I'm sure) and said " they are jealous of each other and always try to see who can draw me the better picture. And B isn't that nice - she had to sit in time out because she covered herself in stamps & Mrs. C wasn't very happy with her" lol 

I just LOVE kindergarten and don't want the sweetness to end. What will grade 1 bring? 

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