Friday, September 17, 2010

19 Months Old

19 month stats:

Weight - 24lbs (just under the 25th percentile)
Height - 85.5cm (approx. 50th percentile)
Head circumference - 46cm (approx. 10th percentile)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

While Noah may look like an angel, he certainly doesn't always act like one :). In this video Noah is unhappy because I had put pants and socks on him. He ripped off his socks and refused to play outside with Owen and I. This is the tail end of his temper tantrum.

Luckily not all days are like this.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Things My Boys Love

Trains, tractors and more tractors!

A couple of weeks ago we met with a group of adoptive families for a picnic lunch and a steam engine ride! I think all of the kids loved riding on the train. We love getting together with friends that have also adopted from Vietnam, it is great to see our kids playing together.

We arrived at the steam engine just in time! seriously i was afraid we were going to miss the train ride.

Zack peeking out of the window.

It's never easy to get a group picture :)

The picnic area was fantastic and there was a little beach there as well. We didn't come prepared for the beach but we made due. Owen borrowed Ben's bathing suit, and Noah just wore his diaper. Noah was covered in mud because he and Molly found the puddle in the sand more fun than the lake. We had a great time! and plan to be more prepared for the event next year :)

Last weekend my sister Maegan and her boyfriend Bill got engaged! we are all really excited for them. We were invited to come visit them for the night and go to Bill's family farm for dinner. Bill had been promising the kids a ride on the tractor since we met him and finally the boys got their ride! The tractor is kept in the barn and as soon as Bill opened the barn door Owen was saying "Oh wow! look at that BIG tractor!" We got a ride around the farm in the tractor and Owen even helped drive the tractor by steering it! he was thrilled and probably could have stayed in the tractor all night. He keeps talking about when he goes back to the farm he can ride the tractor again. I don't think their love of tractors is going to fade any time soon. Congratulations again Maegan and Bill!

We visited the Orono fair the other day and the main reason for going was to watch the tractor pull. How long can two kids watch a tractor pull you might be wondering.....2 hours.... straight. Seriously.

The highlight of the fair was trying out the equipment displayed for sale. Papa joked that we need this "toy" for our back yard. Owen would love it, but it's not going to happen. Ever.

Visiting Sparky the dog. Noah would get close enough to give him a high five but wasn't interested in giving him a hug. Owen was fine with posing for a picture with Sparky.

We had never been to a petting zoo where you were in the pen with the animals. Noah was a little scared and would scream when the animals came up close to him Papa tried to show him how to push the animals out of the way, but Noah found screaching more effective :) he liked to pet the animals but didn't like them in his face.

Friday, September 03, 2010


We took the kids to the CNE last Saturday and had a great time despite us getting there much later than we had planned. We had first made a stop at a Toy store to pick up the free Th@mas train that was being given away, Gavin and I both took turns going in and were able to get each of the boys a train that we didn't already have. Due to a major accident on the highway we had to find an alternate route, it took about an hour to go what normally would take 10 minutes, the traffic was crazy! Finally we made it to the CNE just in time for lunch.

The kids loved the rides of course. There were a few that Noah could go on with one of us and Owen was tall enough that he could go on a few rides on his own. He looked like such a big boy going all by himself on some rides! Noah especially loved the rides that spun surprise there. He kept saying "weeeeeee" and laughing hysterically.

During the clown magic show kids were invited up on stage. Notice who's kids refused to go up without mommy or daddy? I wasn't going up either! someone had to take the picture :)

Owen quickly tired of the magic show and left his younger brother to join his parents on the sidelines. Noah stayed for the entire thing even participating with the crowd and following the other kids lead.

I forget the name of the building but there was a lesson on "energy" for kids. Owen was sooo excited he could have stayed there all day watching the fans. He even made his own pinwheel. While decorating his pinwheel the lady running the craft asked him what he was drawing and he replied " a picture of you" ha it looked nothing like her, but it was funny anyways. Of course he wanted a pink pinwheel :)

We made it to the super dogs show this year, last year we missed it because both kids fell asleep just prior to the show starting. Noah loved the dog show he clapped and cheered as the dogs ran by.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

18 Months Old

So this post is a little late...we've been busy. The above little guy still keeps me on my toes but I wouldn't have it any other way, he still shows no fear about anything. Seriously. Last month he learned how to jump into the pool, it didn't even bother him to go under the water, he'd have Gavin lift him out and he'd jump back in immediately. Owen actually followed Noah's lead and tried it himself. I'm proud to say we now have two very enthusiastic water lovers.

It seems that as soon as he turned 18 months he was in the mood to try talking more. He's learning new words every day and is finally trying to repeat us. He points out every truck we pass while driving, he was in heaven during his 6 hour drive to Ottawa...many, many trucks. He even pointed out the same truck repeatedly. It made the 6 hour drive seem much longer :) We are happy he's starting to communicate more, but it sure makes him seem older now.

He is currently wearing size 4 shoes, size 4 diapers, and his clothes are between 12-18 months depending on brand. In the fall
I'm guessing he'll be in 18 month pants but I'm sure they'll be long on him. Owen must have worn size 18 months for a while, we seem to have an abundance of pants in that size! we haven't weighed him this month and I still have to make an appointment for his 18 month check-up, but I'll update with his weight and height later.

Happy 18 months Noah!