Monday, May 13, 2013

21 Months

Grasyon has been sleeping in his own crib overnight and during naps since friday! I am so proud of my little guy :) I knew it would be an adjustment (especially for mommy) but am surprised by how easily he transitioned. We've tried him in his crib before by giving him his bottle and cuddling him to sleep. That  didn't go very well, he'd wake after an hour each time and so we basically quite trying. I knew he had to learn to fall asleep on his own, in order to stay asleep or put himself back to sleep in the crib, but
I honestly was so scared he'd stop sleeping through the night & I just didn't have the energy to put into sleep training him. Hey, when it took 14 months before he slept through the night even in our bed - could you blame me for not wanting to mess with his sleep?

Friday evening we gave him his bottle, cuddled him for a bit, said good night and put him in his crib. He cried for 45 minuted that first night. Gavin and I took turns every 5 minutes or so going in to console him. Each time his cry was less extreme and after 45 minutes was sleeping soundly in his crib. We were so surprised when he slept through the night the first night :) 

Saturday night was better. He was asleep after 30 minutes. He cried a little that evening but not as hard & we continued to go in and console him every 5 minutes. Again he slept through the night!

Sunday he went for nap with no crying and Sunday evening went to bed with no crying. In fact, when I checked on him at the 5 minute mark he was already asleep! 

I cherish the time we co-slept and am still a big fan of co-sleeping. It was his bed routine that wasn't working and the fact that he was napping & sleeping on the couch until we went to bed that was the main problem. It was starting to take him longer to fall asleep in the evening as well. 


Here are some photos & a video of our easter egg hunt. We celebrated Easter with Gavin's family on Good Friday and had our family Easter morning on saturday morning. We were asked to be  Godparents for our niece, & the Baptism was out of town on Sunday morning. It made for a busy weekend, but the kids were great and everyone had a wonderful time :) 

Easter Morning treats. It appears we forgot to set out Owen's 'gift' which was a new baseball helmet. The bunny brought far too many chocolates...again. I'm not sure the boys will ever eat the giant, chocolate teenage mutant ninja turtles, but they were excited to get them :)

Noah's gift was a new lunch bag and thermos for when he starts school next year, and a new summer outfit. Grayson also got some new summer clothes.

Grayson really had no interest in searching for eggs. He'd put the odd plastic egg in his easter basket, but really wasn't excited about it. The boys were good about helping Grayson & somehow just knew the plastic eggs were for him, while the chocolate eggs were obviously for them.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

20 Months

20 Months Old! what a mess. 

Once again I am way behind on blog posts! My youngest one has started throwing temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way & has had two huge meltdowns in the past week. One was because his ice cream was in a bowl instead of a cone like the other kids, & the other one was because he wanted to play in the backyard longer. I know this is normal behaviour for his age, and we've been making sure he doesn't get what he wants by throwing fits, but it's still sooo difficult! 

Grayson has been taking swim lessons (pics to come next week) and this is a photo of Grayson and Gavin swimming at Meggie's pool! 

and finally some video of my youngest chatterbox!