Thursday, August 29, 2013

Grayson's 2nd Birthday Party!

 Grayson enjoyed his Mickey Mouse theme birthday party! the cupcakes were the easiest ones I found on pinterest & I was thankful that they were really easy to make & did look like 'mickey' :) We are headed to Disney World on vacation soon & I thought it was a opportunity to get Grayson used to Mickey before we are in Disney!

It was a small family party this year, many family members were busy (summer is so difficult to get everyone together) but the small group turned out to be great for a two year olds party. The kids made their own 'Mickey ears' using black construction paper & black headbands from the dollar store. Owen served as a great little helper & made sure that everyone completed their craft & helped the kids when they needed :) 

BBQ lunch of hotdogs, burgers, chips and veggies. 

Mickey Mouse arrived just after lunch! I had found a woman that had various costumes for birthday party rental & she was great to work with. She answered my e-mails quickly & arrived right on time :) Some of the kids cried when Mickey arrived and others didn't show any interest at all. I was happy that Grayson enjoyed seeing Mickey & wasn't too scared of him.

Grayson & Mickey! Most of the kids took turns getting their photo taken with Mickey :) I missed getting a group photo though!

Mickey danced with Owen & I'm sure Owen would've preferred not to participate, but he was a good sport & didn't complain :)

Checking out his 2nd Birthday cupcake! by this time Grayson was exhausted. I wasn't even sure if he'd try his cupcake, he sat there staring at it for the longest time.

eventually he tried it! & loved it. He kept handing Mickey mouse his garbage lol

A quick game of pin the nose on mickey! it was a great toddler birthday game - even though I'm sure we had a few cheaters on our hands ;)

I love this photo of Grayson - you can just see how tired he is at this point! doesn't even care that he lost one of his Mickey ears during the fun party! 

Present time! Grandma & Grandpa gave Grayson his own Mickey Mouse luggage for his trip! 

Cool new 'cars' sunglasses for his trip too - from Aunt Tirza, Uncle Adam. Kian and Bridget.

Here are some videos from the party! It was a fun day from start to finish & Grayson slept great that night! Happy 2nd Birthday baby boy! We love you so much :) 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 Years Old!

I'm having a hard time with my youngest turning two! no more babies around here and I'm in denial a little about that. I am loving how much fun Grayson is these days and how he LOVES to do whatever his brothers are doing. The three of them are great friends and it's so wonderful to see.

We have a tradition of waking up the birthday person with a singing birthday bear - turns out Grayson is scared of it lol. We knew this from Owen't birthday so we chose not to frighten him with it first thing on his birthday :) maybe by next year he'll be more used to it. We had a great day spending time together as a family - his party is next saturday :) Here he is opening his present, for some reason he wasn't a fan of the tissue paper.

YAY planes! he loves them. It's the first toy that he's recognized as 'his' and has claimed ownership over. He's okay with playing the planes with Owen or Noah, but if they try & play them without him, watch out! he get's pretty angry lol.

We took the kids to see a movie, they had a great time :) I was thankful that we were the only ones sitting in our row as Grayson had little interest in sitting on his seat. He kept wanting to walk from Gavin to me and back again. Luckily, it wasn't busy and he was being quiet.

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy! We love how silly, fun, loving and adorable you are. 

26lbs - 37inches

Owen's 6 Years Old!

We celebrated Owen's birthday, early in the month with a 'Mad Science' party. His actual birthday he chose where to go for dinner and he took it upon himself to extend the invite to Grandma :) 
The morning of his birthday started with the tradition of waking up the birthday boy with his singing birthday teddy bear :) he LOVES this tradition and loves to surprise others with waking them the morning of their birthday - it's always fun when it's his turn :)

His birthday present!

A new skateboard, helmet and shin pads :) we've tested it out & he love it! it's difficult to turn but he can get going and keep his balance etc. I thought he did really well for his first time.

My 6 year old cutie! (how can he be 6 already ???) seriously, I often catch myself looking at him & thinking he's the most handsome little guy :) I love this photo of Owen. 

At 6 years old my little guy is a huge blessing in our lives. I wouldn't change a thing about him. I'm so proud of how he isn't afraid to take risk, he's determined, smart, & oh so funny. What a loving and gentle little boy I have. Lucky mommy here. We love you Owen :) Happy 6th Birthday 

44lbs, 47 inches

Cottage Fun

Meggie invited us all up to the cottage and we knew we would have the best time! two days and one night just wasn't long enough. It is so beautiful and peaceful there, with only one other cottage on that side of the lake. 

Grayson was feeling left out of fishing, he didn't have his own fishing rod. Aunt Meggie soon fixed that  & made him his own - he was quite proud.

A huge bass swiped both of the hooks from the kid's fishing rod's. Gavin said it was the biggest fish he'd ever seen in that lake. The kids and Gavin fished throughout the weekend trying to catch the huge bass lol. It came out from beneath the dock a couple of times, but no luck catching it.

Ahhh don't you just feel relaxed looking at this photo of Grayson :)

The water trampoline was such fun! Owen loved running off the side of it & the younger kids liked jumping on it.

The lily pad was a huge hit with everyone, especially the younger kids.

We  had some great family time at the cottage! thanks for inviting us Meggie and Liam!