Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We started out our halloween by carving pumpkins after breakfast. Owen seemed quite pleased that he could make a mess on purpose. He was equally excited that the pumpkin eyes were shaped like the's the simple things in life i guess :)

In the afternoon Adam, Tirza & Kian came over for a visit. We wanted to get some photos of the kids dressed in their halloween costumes. It's never an easy task to get photos of three kids two and under but we keep trying!

Kian wasn't too impressed with playing dress up :)

The spider attacking the lion. Half of the time was spent trying to keep Noah's hands to himself. In retrospect I suppose we should have put Owen in the middle. Poor Kian - Noah is sorry I'm sure.

The best photo on my camera...sigh

The cutest Dragon in the world. While trick or treating I heard him be called an alligator, crocodile, & dinosaur, apparently crocodiles have wings? news to me.

Cutest little Lion - Kian's first halloween

Seriously this baby spider is sweet! Noah's first halloween

all ready to go out!

heading to the first house - Owen stepped right inside the door. He did great saying "trick or treat" & "thank-you" even if it was barely audible!

Owen came home with tons of candy we let him have two small pieces of candy then it was off to bath & bed! This year the kids started coming out at 6:30 & it was all over by 7:30! Owen ran through the neighborhood & gathered enough candy in 30 minutes to last until next year.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I think Owen would love to live on a farm. The kid is in heaven being outdoors, seeing tractors, animals, drinking hot cider, & getting dirty. I think he had the best day ever, he was telling us how much fun he had on the drive home. Today we enjoyed the great weather & went to a local pumpkin patch. It got a little cold late in the afternoon so we had to cut our trip a little short & head home. We enjoyed a hay ride, searching for the perfect pumpkins & hot apple cider. Owen had his first pony ride, climbed on some tractors, checked out the animals in the barn & went through the corn maze. We had a great day! So much fun that Owen is now in bed with his white baby pumpkin he found at the pumpkin patch! I should sneak up to get a picture of him sleeping with the pumpkin but I'm not sure I want to risk waking him up.

You can view last years pictures here. The first picture of Owen is one of my very favourite pictures of him.

This year he wasn't very interested in having his picture taken. Oh well, I'm sure there will be plenty more pumpkin patch pictures to come, I think we have found a new family tradition.

Here are some pics from this year.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Derek & Kaila's Wedding

We had the best time at my brother Derek & Kaila's wedding on saturday. Gavin's dad came with us to help with the kids afterwards & Gavin & I were able to enjoy an evening out. Owen was the ring bearer & he did the most amazing job. I was so proud of my boy, I think I cried a few tears watching him walk down the aisle. We weren't sure how he would do because he was tired & judging from the rehearsal we were just hoping he'd get down the aisle any way possible. We had a back up plan if needed, my sister would walk him down the aisle, she was also in the wedding party. In any case I worried for nothing once again, he couldn't have done a better job.

The boys were at the wedding & after pictures Gavin's dad took Noah back to the hotel. Owen stayed for the dinner & part of the reception. He was picked up by 9pm, we wanted him to enjoy the dance he had been excited about the wedding for a long time.

Here are some pics from the day. I will upload all of the pics to Flickr later, once again it is really late & I'm trying to post before bed.

Owen as the ring bearer

One of the things you had to do to get the bride & groom to kiss was to dance to any song that the dj picked. Here's Owen taking a turn on the dance floor. His favourite song ever :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

8 Months Old

Noah is learning so much the past little while, & he is getting more curious by the day! He loves playing with toys, he actually prefers Owen's toys to his own. So far his favourite toys have been trucks, interesting how that happens already. He is always trying to snatch something away from Owen & on several occasions has made Owen cry. Seriously, this little brother is going to be trouble for Owen while growing up together! I love it though, Noah's biggest smiles are saved for his brother, you can tell he loves him to pieces.

Noah is really close to being on the move! he just learned to get into crawling position from sitting & rocks back & forth trying to move forward. He can get himself turned in a circle while on his belly, but not forward. He's learning what to do though, & I don't think it will be much longer.

Some of his other new tricks include clapping & giving kisses! I tried to get video of him clapping the other day, of course he did not co-operate! he seriously clapped non stop before the camera came out, then nothing. The video is hilarious though, showing off my little man's temper. This boy has a set of lungs on him! I will share the video next week. It is 2 am now, middle of the night feed & I'm trying to get this post done with one hand.

Noah has been experiencing some seperation anxiety lately. As soon as you put him down & walk away he wails, arms shaking, screaming, tears, the whole bit. The second I pick him back up he stops immediately. He only reacts that way with me & secretly I love it! I love my mama's boy.

We weighed him the other night & he is 19lbs. according to our home scale.

Happy 8 months sweet boy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I wanted to share a couple of photos that show off Noah's curly hair. His hair is getting much longer & gets so curly when it's wet. I imagine he will have curly hair growing up.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Owen's ABC"s

Owen has known the alphabet for months now. At least we realized he knew the alphabet when one day my mom was here for lunch & she started saying "ABCD" & he continued on with the letters. I swear this was at about 20 months, we had never tried to teach the alphabet, somehow he just picked it up. This boy amazes me with his memory, I'm not kidding when I say he's smart. The kid is freaky smart, a serious "nerd" I tell you. But at the same time the coolest kid ever, man we are lucky.

This video is from the summer, it took months to get him to say the alphabet on video. Once the camera is rolling his mind isn't on performing on demand, he prefers to act silly. But anyway, this is the best of the many attempts.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Evening Fun

Last evening we enjoyed watching an episode of for rent on tv. Owen & Noah's Aunt Meggie & Elliot were on the show last night & they did a great job! Owen really loved watching them on tv & particularly loved seeing "echo" ( a round piece of art they have in the apartment that Owen thinks makes your voice echo if you yell into it) on tv as well.

So fun!

Waiting patiently for the show to start

There they are!

Family TV & popcorn night