Wednesday, August 03, 2011

38 Weeks

During the past week I've had some signs that labour may be near. Increased feeling of nausea, more trips to the bathroom, pelvic pressure, and overall not feeling well. Yesterday I took the kids to an indoor play place and was quite uncomfortable while there, my hips and groin were aching and I was getting cramps whenever I walked around. Then during the day the cramps continued and intensified and I was starting to think the baby was really wanting to come today. At 10 pm things tapered off and I thought I should go to bed and try and get some rest. I was able to sleep from 10pm - 4am but then woke up with very uncomfortable contractions. The contractions lasted from 4am - 7am but have since stopped. The baby is still really active today and I'm feeling ready for delivery :) hoping it happens soon and the false labour/ pre - labour turns into the real thing soon! It's been a very frustrating couple of days.

Tomorrow I have an O.B appointment and an ultrasound to check the size of the baby. Hopefully they are able to let me know if things are progressing. Fingers crossed that the next time contractions start they don't stop!

update: I had my ultrasound this afternoon and everything is great with the baby! baby is 6 pounds now - expected to be about 6 and a half at birth (same as Noah). He scored an 8/8 on respirations, movement, tone etc. The ultrasound tech was getting frustrated with him because he wouldn't stop moving and she had a hard time getting the measurements. I asked about the cord insertion and was told the cord was "eccentric" meaning not in the "fattiest, most common spot on the placenta" more off to the side. It could mean he hasn't been getting enough nutrients but based on his size and score he his doing fine. My O.B thought I had experienced prodromal labour on tuesday and that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing as it does help soften and dilate the cervix but just doesn't produce a baby in the end. It's not quite 'false labour' but not 'real labour' either. I'm only 1cm dilated and cervix is soft based on a check today. I'm hoping that things start up again soon and we get to meet him soon!

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Anonymous said...

Wooo hooo! So glad to hear that things continue to go well! Can't wait to meet him :)