Thursday, May 26, 2011

28 Weeks

Last week I had my glucose test and a O.B appointment, luckily I was able to start my glucose test then go to my O.B appointment and return for the blood work. Of course it was the only time my O.B was running late and the one hour test turned into a two hour test, I'm so thankful that my mom cares for the kids while I have all of these appointments. I have another one at 30 weeks and then the bi-weekly appointments start - Yikes! it seems to be happening so fast this time around!. I mentioned the cramping I was having to the doctor and he was quite concerned about the frequency of the contractions. He told me to monitor how many contractions I was having an hour and if it was 6 or more to head to the hospital. While braxton hicks contractions can be more painful with each pregnancy, they shouldn't have been occurring as often as I was feeling them. He looked at my paperwork and mentioned that while having other kids at home it's hard to find time to rest but it's important to listen to my body and rest when needed to avoid going into preterm labour. I'm glad that the cramping has been better this week and I will do everything I can to avoid having this little one come earlier than August!
I was glad to have had the appointment when I did because just a few days earlier I came down with an awful flu and ended up losing 5lbs in one day! I was still up about 2 pounds by my appointment bringing my total weight gain so far 16 pounds. So far I am measuring right on and the doctor doesn't seem concerned with the weight or my size.

Welcome to Trimester 3!

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Catherine said...

Hannah and I pray often for you and your sweet baby boy. Your bump is adorable! Praying he stays tucked safely away growing strong and healthy until August.

Have a great weekend!