Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Water Lovin' Boys

Swim lessons this time around are going great, the boys are showing such confidence and truly love to be in the water! The difference a year has made in Owen's swimming is incredible. Last year he didn't like to get his entire face wet, he would blow bubbles in the water when asked but that would be about it. When jumping in the water he always tried to keep his head from going under, this year it's a different story! he has no problem jumping right in and will even go under the water to retrieve dive sticks from the bottom of the shallow end, he requires a bit of help to get to the bottom of the pool but we are so surprised he will even attempt to do that. We'll likely take a break from swim lessons during the summer months but plan to put Owen into his first non parented swim lessons in the fall.

Noah has the same instructor as Owen and they have their lessons back to back. He loves to be in the water and his favourite thing so far is to jump into the pool, whenever they are given a few minutes of free play Noah always chooses to practice jumping, most of the other kids want to play with the pool toys but not my boy! I love watching him count to three before he jumps in, he prefers someone to be holding his hands while he jump but has no problem with going under the water. One thing we find funny is that the boys have always practiced blowing bubbles in the bath tub so we know Noah can do it, but for some reason in the pool he tries to lick the water instead!

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