Wednesday, April 27, 2011

24 Weeks

Everything is going well, I'm still feeling comfortable and have no aches or pains yet :) I'm gaining weight steadily, up 3lbs since my last prenatal visit (14 lbs so far) which is on track for the estimated 1lb a week from 20 weeks on. I often wonder how much bigger this baby will be compared to Noah, I can't seem to stop eating!

This baby boy is a kicker and is always on the move! You can see my belly move when he kicks and Owen has even felt him kick a couple of times. Often the baby will be moving but when Owen puts his hand on my belly the baby stops, and Owen always says "this baby is trying to trick me" :) so cute. I love how excited Owen is getting about having a baby brother, he kisses my belly and talks to his brother, it is really sweet. Noah has started to give my belly kisses and has mentioned the baby, but he doesn't really understand what's happening.

We are still not agreeing on names, I have two names that I really like and even have a middle name picked out, but Gavin doesn't love the names. It will be interesting to see if Gavin comes around to my names in the end or suggests something that I actually like :)

Here is my 24 week belly pic:

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