Friday, September 06, 2013

Summer Fun!

Oh boy! I have been neglecting the blog lately. Summer is always so busy & during the week I'm crazy busy with daycare - can't seem to get caught up on anything these days! While I'll miss my two side kicks when school starts, I'm looking forward to getting back into some sort of routine.

We've been to the zoo multiple times this summer, as a family and also when daycare has been a little lighter with kids. We even scored some great 'behind the scenes' passes for the zoo through Gavin's work. We took the kids when we were on a weeks vacation & they loved learning new things about the animals. Their favourite bit of information was that the gorillas are frightened of toads. Apparently, if one gets in the cage they will all huddle together and hide until it's gone lol. We also got to view the animal hospital and watch an operation on a mole rat.

During our weeks vacation, we also went to Canada's Wonderland. The boys LOVE rides - we can spend the entire day just in the kids part of the park. Grayson went on a few rides last year, but this year he really enjoyed himself :) it was a great 'practice' run before Disney!

We had a great day! the boys went on every ride possible & we were there from park open until the kids park closed. Every year we go it just gets easier & easier, this time Owen & Noah were able to take Grayson on many rides themselves & Gavin & I could just sit back & watch them have fun! they are sure growing up :)

We ended the summer with our annual CNE trip. More rides, games and shows - the kids love it. IT's a fun way to celebrate going back to school :) 

The kids waited a very long time to join in on a beyblades competition. I was worried when they announced that only 30 kids would be chosen to play, I could imagine what the boys would've been like if only 1 of them got called up for the competition, could have been bad!. Luckily, both of their names were drawn :) Owen was eliminated first round, but everyone got a prize regardless. Noah made it to the 3rd round :) he was very proud of himself.

These cars are always a hit!

We weren't sure if the cars would be too fast for Grayson, but he loved it!

Back to school just around the corner!

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