Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Disney Day 1

The kids were beyond excited to go to Disney this past September! they must've watched our previous Disney vacation on dvd, what seemed like a 100 times. With Owen's Canadian citizenship, we were able to get passports & fly this time! The road trip to Disney went well the first trip, but we knew flying would be sooo much easier.

The flight went so well & the boys loved it! It was a bonus that Grayson slept most of the flight & was well rested when we arrived in Florida. Owen loved the window seat & Noah coloured for most of the trip. Easy!

YAY! we are here :) We stayed at the Disney Port Orleans Riverside. It was nice and the rooms were a little bigger than where we stayed before. There were a couple of things about this resort the kids liked - one being an arcade in the resort and the other being able to take the boat to Disney Port Orleans French Quarter resort and use the great pool there :)

Here are a few photos of the resort

We arrived at the resort around 7:30. After a lengthy check-in (despite checking in on-line) finding our room on the 2nd floor (with no elevators) a quick swim in the pool, and the last of our luggage to arrive just after midnight - we were finally ready to get some sleep! we had a busy day planned for Magic Kingdom the next day & needed as much rest as possible. Although, I don't think rest and vacationing go hand in hand for my family :) we like to be busy!! We made the choice to switch rooms in the morning, we knew the no elevator thing would be irritating when coming home with 3 sleepy kids late every night - So happy we made the switch!

The resort was definitely pretty. We also liked that it wasn't a busy time of year and waits at the parks etc. were very short :) The kids are already asking about when we can go back. 

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