Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

I was reminded of the Mid Autumn moon festival after seeing a t.v commercial - oops! luckily we didn't miss it and planned a very last minute get together with some friends that have children from China and Vietnam. We are so glad to have friends that are up for anything last minute and we enjoyed a great evening together celebrating the holiday!

Our fun began early evening with some lantern decorating. Trying to take photos while keeping the glittery mess contained was no easy task, but we managed. Some little kids preferred minimal glitter and placed each decorative spot carefully, while others preferred their lantern to be covered in glitter (Owen and Hannah).

We ordered Asian from a local restaurant and Catherine made some delicious cookies for dessert that represented the moon.

Catherine ended up holding both of the new babies while we got the kids ready for the lantern parade outside.

Owen with his lantern during the parade - he kept calling it the "Automatic Moon Festival". It was cute so we didn't bother correcting him :)

Noah with his lantern

Check out that beautiful moon!


Catherine said...

What a fun evening we shared together! Thanks for hosting!

Heh...had forgotten about the 'Automatic Moon Festival'! SO cute!

Liz and Ava said...

Looks like you all had a great time celebrating together!

Ange said...

Liz- next time we'd love to have you and Ava join us!

Liz and Ava said...

Thanks, we'd love to.