Saturday, November 12, 2011

3 Months Old

3 Months old already! Grayson has been entertaining us this past month with his sweet baby smiles and the sweetest baby talk! when we talk to him he tries to "talk" back. He has been more playful and interactive lately and Owen and Noah have enjoyed playing with him more. Sometimes I will playfully stick out my tongue at him and he will copy and stick out his tongue, and his newest game is to play "pop the soother" - he gets the biggest smiles when he spits out his soother on purpose It's the simple things in life :) but he sure is becoming more fun. We've tried to capture some of this fun on video but he gets distracted by the camera and just stares at it!

Here he is having some cuddle time with his brothers. Owen likes to hold him when he's "not fussy and not stinky" heh- don't we all ;) Grayson watches the boys play and I'm sure he's taking in all of the big brother trouble and saving it for me!

Grayson is an easy going baby and has never minded tummy time. He doesn't get on his tummy as often as he should, but I've been trying to make an effort to do tummy time more often.

Recently we brought out the baby swing and he loves it! he seems to like the swinging/swaying motion. He definitely likes to be on the move and the swing has given us a few breaks from having to carry him constantly. Still, his favourite spot is either in my arms or in the baby carrier.

I'm not sure how much Grayson weighs now but I've certainly noticed him getting heavier, and he's got some cute chubby thighs! He likes to feed every 2-3 hours during the day and will stay awake for about two hours before needing another nap. Nursing is going well but it has also made for a picky baby - he only likes me to feed him. I've been pumping and freezing milk and have quite a stockpile - all in hopes that Gavin can start to give him some bottles :) we thought he didn't like to feed from bottles because he would always refuse to eat when Gavin tried, but we've learned that he just wants mommy to feed him! he associates feeding with me and will take bottles from me. Gavin tried to give him a bottle once when he was sleepy and it worked for a bit, until Grayson opened his eyes and saw that it wasn't mommy, once again he refused to eat - he sure has a stubborn side to him too!

A few weeks ago Grayson caught a bit of a cold and since then hasn't been sleeping well. He was doing a five hour stretch early in the evening from about 8pm to 1am, and then up every two hours after that. While it wasn't perfect, it at least seemed like he was on his way to longer periods of sleep. The past few weeks have been awful with regards to sleep, (he's only sleeping two hour intervals) and I really am needing to make some changes in our routine to hopefully get things back on track. I keep reminding myself that the sleepless nights are temporary but it really is wearing me out!

Happy 3 months Grayson! you are just too cute and we are loving watching you grow and learn new things!

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Catherine said...

Oh so cute!!

Sorry about the lack of sleep. Yuck! Hopefully Grayson gets back on track soon so that you can get some well deserved sleep!