Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 Months Old

Grayson had a wellness check -up on Monday, just shy of 5 Months old the little guy is smaller than I thought :) He weighed in at 13.9lbs (10th percentile), height was 68.5cm (75th percentile), and his head circumference was 40 cm - not even on the growth chart the Doctor had! so he's tall and lean. The Doctor commented on our rough winter with regards to illness (mostly nasty colds etc) and I had to agree that it's been a long winter so far- seriously it seems like one of the kids is sick with a cold every. single. week. I recently read an article that children tend to catch 1-2 colds a month and I believe it! Poor Grayson's immune system has been working in overdrive this first winter of his, hopefully that means less colds in the future :)

This past month Grayson has lost some of his "young baby" look and suddenly looks much "older" to me. I think he looks older because he is getting more hair, it's coming in quite blonde. He's taken an interest in toys and so far his favourite toys (besides his hands) are his sophie giraffe, the jumperoo and the exersaucer. He's been reaching for toys and putting them straight into his little mouth - causing him to drool everywhere! I tried at least 3 times to get some video of him enjoying his jumperoo and every time I was recording he started fussing! so I don't have any proof - but he really does (usually) love his jumperoo :)

Some exersaucer play

and 1 more super cute photo of my boy - I couldn't decide which photo I liked better between the top one and this one - so I'm sharing both :) These photos also prove that Grayson gets to wear actual clothes once and a while, & not just his pajamas ;) Catherine mentioned that she rarely sees Grayson in clothes and I had to admit my laziness to her ;)

Happy 5 Months Grayson!

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Catherine said...

LOL! I love babies in sleepers! And, it's much easier than trying to struggle all those little arms and legs into clothes with buttons, zippers and snaps.

what a adorable little guy your Grayson is! Every day he seems to get taller and look more grown up. He's as cute as a button!!!