Sunday, February 12, 2012

6 Months Old!

Just this month you've started being able to put the soother back in your mouth:)

6 Months Old, you are growing and changing so fast Grayson! Suddenly you've started to LOVE your solid foods and make all kinds of noises while we are eating dinner just so you can get a taste of your food. I think you've gained weight literally overnight, as you suddenly felt much heavier after the weekend. I guess finally adding a breakfast to your morning routine has helped pack on some ounces ;). We are loving your adorable double chin and chubby belly these days and you are comfortably fitting all of your 6 month clothing now.

You think that your brothers are the funniest people in the world :) and you are enjoying playing with toys more and are already getting frustrated when you see something out of your reach and you want it! You are always full of smiles and light up when you recognize someone or hear a voice you recognize.

You are starting to find ways to communicate what you want, like when you are hungry you toss yourself backwards in search of food, your daddy and I are loving this! it's much better than crying and makes for much happier and quieter days.

I'm hoping that you build up your immunity soon and stop catching every cold out there! It seems like you are healthy one week and sick with something the next. Just as sleep starts getting a little better you catch something and wake up all night fussing! I feel bad that you feel awful, and you keep getting bronchitis and have been put on puffers for your last two colds. I'm really hoping you out grow this and it doesn't become the norm for you.

I see how much you've changed over the last month and can't wait to see what you'll be able to do this month! Happy 6 Months baby!

I can't get enough of his cuteness!

updateGrayson had his 6 month appointment today (Feb24th) he's such a little guy! weighing only 14lbs 8oz (3rd percentile), head circumference 41cm (not even on the growth chart), and he was 69 cm (about 50th percentile) for height.

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Catherine said...

Oh Grayson! What a sweetie you are! Love all your smiles, ooo's and ahhhhs!