Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 Months Old

8 months old and still the smiliest, cutest baby ever! he seriously smiles all day long, he rarely cries. His favourite two people are his big brothers, he thinks they are just the silliest, funniest people in the world. I wonder how long that will last? He has some fussy moments, preferring to have me in his sights at all times, but he really is a happy, easy going baby.

Even with blueberries smeared all over his face he's happy :) he loves to eat. I think he's starting a bit of a growth spurt because the last few days he's fussed for some more food once he's finished his meal. An obvious sign my little one is growing. Currently he eats three meals a day (usually eats when we do) and nurses approx. 5-6 times a day. We've just started giving him a sippy cup with water in it at meals, hoping he'll take to the sippy cup better than he did the bottle. Grayson still refuses to take a bottle, even Gavin can't get him to take one anymore, so I'm not away from him for any length of time.

Grayson has started being able to hold his weight on his arms but hasn't gotten up on his knees on his own yet. I'm not in a rush to have him completely mobile just yet, but I do enjoy watching him try his very best to get to something he wants! usually he rolls in the general direction of the desired toy etc. but often he doesn't quite get there :)

I do love when babies can sit on their own though, makes life soooo much easier! I can set Grayson up with a few toys and he'll play much longer now that he can sit and play. In just a couple of days he mastered the sitting skill. I snapped a quick photo of him sitting unassisted to show he can do it, but for the most part he still has pillows etc. around him for support.

Such a big boy now!


Catherine said...

Gorgeous Mr. Blue Eyes! I tell you, that smile melts me every single day!! I think he likes me too...except when I delay his meals and then he's none too impressed! :o)

What a sweet personality your little guy has!

Jules and Danny said...

Hey Ange,
We have the same blueberry picture of Molly. lol