Sunday, April 08, 2012

Meeting the Easter Bunny

Yesterday morning we took the kids to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny. I was surprised by how quickly the line up went and there were some activities for the kids set up to pass the time. The kids coloured some Easter colouring pages and then were asked if they wanted to have their face painted. Noah jumped at the chance but Owen isn't interested in that kind of thing so he decided not to participate in that. Noah had his face painted like a bunny and loved it! every time he'd look in the mirror he'd get a huge grin. At one point his bunny teeth had rubbed off and he said " I was a bunny, but then my teeth fell off!" sooo cute.

Grayson has started experiencing some stranger anxiety, I wasn't sure how he'd like sitting with the bunny but he was happy and smiled a big grin at his new friend :)

Owen's bunny ears!

Cutest boy bunny in the world :)

I had big plans to shop for myself while at the mall, I'm in desperate need of new summer clothes. As usual, as soon as I enter the mall with the kids I decide I need to come back another time...alone. I just find shopping with them more work than it's worth, sigh. Oh well, I'll have to plan another shopping trip soon.

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Catherine said...

Great pics of your boys and the bunny! Noah made an adorable bunny too and his comment is so funny! alone. How does that work? :o)