Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning

The flu hit Grayson, Noah and myself on Christmas Eve :( Noah got the worst of it & wasn't feeling well for a few days. We decided to skip out on Mass that evening & not spread the germs to others & we mostly lounged in our PJ's all day. We had dinner planned early which was good because the power went out for over two hours! we decided to take the kids to go see some Christmas lights just to get out of the house for a bit.

Poor Noah was up sick a few times that night & even Christmas morning when we went downstairs to see if Santa had come, he just went straight to the couch to rest :( I had to carry him over to the presents & soon after he livened up a bit & played. We missed having Christmas dinner with my side of the family & basically stayed in our PJ's and played with the new toys most of the day. We even got to have a nap in the afternoon and by evening most were feeling a little better. Eventually we got dressed and went on a search for somewhere to eat on Christmas day - finally finding a pizza restaurant. 

Here is a video of our Christmas morning. Owen was so excited to come downstairs to see what Santa had brought but for some reason was so quiet while checking everything out!

The gifts under the tree! Owen's main gift was a telescope, Noah's was his favourite schleich zoo animals & Grayson's was a toddler climber. The boys got a joint gift of a workbench & some tools.

Despite people feeling under the weather, it was so nice to have a relaxing few days at home. The kids could play with all of their things, we opened gifts in stages & had some great quality family time! 

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Catherine said...

So sorry to hear the flu hit 3 of you. :o(

What fun to see the pics and video of your boys enjoying their Christmas morning and great toys!