Monday, July 15, 2013

23 Months Old

I love how the above photo captures just how carefree Grayson is. He has such an easy going personality & really is sooo much fun lately. Most of the time he's very happy and as long as he's involved in the same activities as his brothers, he's having a good time :) 

Lately it seems that he acts older with every passing week. He's talking almost non stop, singing, dancing, acting goofy and always trying to get his brother's to laugh :) he really enjoys being one of the crowd and I've noticed that with his increased confidence and ability to do more of the things the boys are doing, we are starting to treat him as 'one of the boys' as well. It's kind of been nice being able to let him explore more without the fear of him getting hurt we definitely know he can hold his own with his brothers. I just love how much adoration he has for them and they have in return, they really have a special bond.

Happy 23 Months Grayson!

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Tirza Douglas said...

Love that photo of him! Such a big boy already!