Monday, November 04, 2013

1st 'Real' Homework Assignment

Besides reading in the evenings, Owen hasn't really had any homework to complete. I'm happy about that :) our evenings are typically so pressed for time, I have no idea how we'll fit in homework once it does start.

His class does however have a star leader for the week. The assignment is to make a poster sharing some of the child's favourite things etc. He was quite excited when it was his turn to make a poster :) he chose the green poster board at school (his favourite colour is green) and had lot's of ideas for things he could share with the class.

Here is the finished product :)

We had to go to the dollar store to buy some sparkly embellishments - apparently the 2 leaders before him had sparkly names - so he needed the same :) early in the week I mentioned to him that he should think about adding something about Vietnam on his poster. He did not want to mention being adopted on his poster & I didn't push the subject. Later in the week he told me he thought he could mention he was born in Vietnam! that works - & I was so happy he felt comfortable enough to share that on his poster. Personally, I feel his poster will be the best in his class :) Owen was happy after he presented his favourite things to his class & told me his teacher thought his baby picture was 'so cute' I'd have to agree. Great job on your first assignment Owen!

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