Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lost His First Tooth!

When Owen 'graduated' kindergarten, his goal for grade 1 was to loose his first tooth! I'm happy he finally got his wish & the wiggly tooth came out last evening :) He'd been wiggling & working on that tooth since the first hint of it being loose, and that was in September! he was the last of his friends with a full set of pearly whites & now he fits in with the rest of the toothless crew! The first baby tooth to come out was the first one that came in while we were in Vietnam! Oh how I remember those first few days as a family when he was teething, grieving & battling a bad case of bronchitis & an ear infection. I  realized then how tough my little man was :) 

That tooth was hanging on by a tiny thread & mommy helped pull it out. It was bothering him wiggling in his mouth while he ate & he is much more comfortable with it gone. I must admit, I'm happy to not see him constantly wiggling the tooth around too :)

still so cute! the tooth fairy brought $5 for the first tooth, Owen had been wishing for $50 bucks he told me- that boy always aims high :)

I love his toothless grin :)

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