Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1st Goal!

My little hockey player scored his first goal on Saturday Dec.7th! They only play games every other saturday & for the first while, every time on the ice was a practice. I think this was maybe the 3rd game in total & he was quite proud to get a goal! he is blending in with his team mates quite nicely & there is no way anyone would know that it's his first year playing :) I'm amazed at the progress they all make weekly & how confident Owen is on skates now. He really is quite fast & is picking things up quickly. He loves playing hockey which is a welcomed change from the first time on the ice when he realized everyone else had played before. I'm so glad he stuck with it & his determination is proven with how well he's doing already! Those little 6 year olds really are exciting to watch play & the games are getting so fun! It's nice to hear the parents cheering on their kids & I am already getting caught up in being a 'hockey mom' it's hard not to, especially when you see progress every week. YAY for the first goal Owen! I'm so proud of my little guy.

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