Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We are lucky to have a few teacher friends, and recently one of them hooked us up with our very own caterpillars! The kids checked in on the caterpillars daily to see if they had become butterflies, but I think both Hannah and Noah were becoming discouraged at how long the process took. Owen had been learning about the butterfly life cycle at school and came home with a life cycle replica made out of different shaped pasta, he taught the younger kids what metamorphosis was & declared himself the 'butterfly expert' :) he really is so funny & smart too!

One of our caterpillars didn't make it to the chrysalis stage, it was quite a bit smaller than the other one from the beginning. I'm glad we were given two or the kids would have been disappointed that they weren't able to release a butterfly outside. I'm not much of a 'bug' lover but it was pretty cool to see. 

Our two new caterpillars. Owen named one Crystal Chrysalis & the other one  we can't remember what it was named.

Just checking things out

anything exciting happening in there?

finally a butterfly! after a couple of days we were able to set it free outside!

the butterfly wanted to stick around, it wasn't interested in flying off .

Here is a short video of the kids releasing the butterfly. We watched the butterfly outside for almost an hour before we headed back in the house. 

What a fun experience for the kids! 

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Catherine said...

What an awesome experience for the kiddos!! Heh, love the one of all 3 of them looking at the container. Hannah talked about the butterfly often.

LOL...she brought home that pasta sheet and I didn't remember what it was about. Thanks for clarifying it.

Thank you for all you do with Hannah!!