Wednesday, March 30, 2011

20 Weeks

20 weeks pregnant - I'm not sure how we got to this point so fast and while we're excited to meet the baby I kind of want things to slow down a bit. Some days I still can't believe that we will have 3 boys by the end of summer! Last week I had an O.B appointment and learned that the placenta is low lying, not covering the cervix but fairly close to it. I'll have another ultrasound in a few months to see if it's moved out of the way, if not the O.B mentioned talking about delivery options which I understood to mean a scheduled C-section if it doesn't move enough. Hopefully it moves as most cases do, but there's nothing I can really do but wait and see. The rest of the results were great - the baby is healthy, there's enough fluid, my size is good and I'm gaining weight steadily (11 pounds total so far). If I have any cramping that doesn't go away with rest or any bleeding I'm to go to the hospital, but I wasn't given any restrictions so I don't think the Doctor is really worried about it.

The baby has been moving lots and I notice it mostly in the evenings and when I'm going to bed. Gavin was even able to feel him move last week which was surprising because the movements still seem somewhat light :)

As far as baby names go we still aren't agreeing, but at least we have a couple of names picked out :)

Halfway there!

Here is a belly pic at 20 weeks and below is a comparison pic at 20 weeks pregnant with Noah :)

20 weeks with Noah

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Catherine said...

We already love your little bump!

I forgot to mention a cute little thing that happened last night. Hannah picked up one of her dolls and I asked 'Is that your Baby?' and her response was 'Ange!' Cool!! I don't think she has a clue what's happening but obviously she's heard us talking about your baby. So cute!