Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Florida Part 4

Thursday we had plans for a character breakfast at Tusker House restaurant in Animal Kingdom. When we woke up it was pouring rain, by the time we got to breakfast we looked like drowned rats and of course they take your picture before you go in for breakfast and try to sell it to you afterwards. Owen was excited about having breakfast with Mickey but we should have made it clear to him that Mickey was just stopping by our table not actually eating with us.

The first character to stop by our table was Donald Duck. Noah wasn't too sure about the characters coming to him, he wasn't really scared he just wasn't interested :)

Owen's favourite character was goofy. After breakfast Owen joined the other kids and Goofy in a parade around the restaurant. He enjoyed following goofy around with his shaker :) Gavin got it on video which I'll share soon.

It was still raining after breakfast so luckily we were able to watch the Lion King show and get out of the rain for a little while longer. The show was fantastic! we just loved the singing and costumes.

Kilimanjaro Safari

The rain stopped by noon and we were able to enjoy a full day at Animal Kingdom including having lunch at the Rainforest cafe and watching the Finding Nemo musical. Even Gavin was able to get on a few rides while the kids had their afternoon nap :)

Friday was our last day in Florida and we were all dreading leaving the warm temperatures and the long car ride home. We planned for half a day at Epcot and ended up staying until 2pm. The next time we go to Florida we'll have to try and spend more time there.

We were already planning our next trip to Florida before we even left! we are thinking of going again when the new baby will be closer to two. Owen hasn't stopped talking about his trip to Disney World since we got home so I'm sure he'll be after us to book another trip before too long!

The Drive home went better than we expected, we thought the kids would be grumpy about leaving and whiny on the way home but once again they were perfect! A little fussiness about wanting to get out of the car when we were in Buffalo but Owen fell back asleep and we were home at 2am Saturday. We decided to stop for a five hour sleep on friday night and that was enough to re-energize and feel well enough to keep driving. The trip took about 36 hours each way and while the kids were great in the car we will likely consider flying next time! By then Owen will have Canadian citizenship and a passport, we can't wait for that day!

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Catherine said...

What fun! It's so neat to see and hear about all that you did. The topiaries of the Disney characters are really neat! I was there a long time ago for the flower festival but don't remember seeing those.

Glad you had such a great time and happy to hear you're already planning your return trip! I can SO relate to that!!!