Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4 Months Old

I love this sweet baby! Grayson is such a happy baby, he's always smiling and is very close to laughing. I love having little 'conversations' with him, after a feeding he is so content he chatters and babbles away. Sometimes in the middle of the night I'd prefer him to just go back to sleep, but he is still so sweet to listen to. Mommy is still his favourite person :) and I'll take that as long as I can get it! He's started to show more interest in his toys and will sometimes try to reach for them. So far his favourite toy is his own two hands! he constantly has them in his mouth and I try to get him to use his soother instead. Often I look and he's spit the soother back out and has his fist shoved in his mouth again.

We haven't been for his 4 month wellness check-up, our Doctor is just back from maternity leave and is working only a couple of days a week, so he will have his appointment in January. Grayson has been suffering from a terrible cold this week and has been put on antibiotics because of the phlegm in his lungs. He is sounding a little better this morning so I hope he is on the mend, otherwise he is to go back in a few days for puffers :( hopefully it doesn't come to that. He had me very worried monday evening and I am glad he is starting to act more like himself. It's so hard when your kids are sick and even more nerve wracking when your baby is sick!

Grayson hasn't rolled over yet but he hasn't had many opportunities to practice. Once he's feeling better I'll have to try to fit more tummy time into our day. He has good neck control and is quite strong so I think he will get it soon.

Happy 4 months Grayson! With each baby the time seems to go faster, If only I could slow it down a little...

silly baby, he's been drooling and blowing bubble lots - hopefully it doesn't mean he's going to get teeth early.


Catherine said...

What an absolute cutie!! I love seeing him everyday and am disappointed the days he chooses to nap when I'm there rather than visit. With all that noise the other 3 make it's amazing he can nap through it! :o)

What a cutie and oh so smart! Glad to hear he's feeling better and hopefully it's not long until he's 100%.

While I'm thinking of it, I have one of those play mat kinda thingys where things hand down and he can watch them and then bat them around. If you want it just let me know and I'll bring it with me.

Cute, cute baby boy!!

Ange said...

Thanks Catherine! I have one of those play mats in the basement. Thanks for the offer though :)