Monday, December 19, 2011

My Lil' Angel

My sweet boy had his first school Christmas concert this past friday! I was more than a little excited about it and couldn't wait to see the cuteness! His costume was to be a men's dress shirt worn backwards and tinsel (either gold or silver) for a halo and a sash. When we tried his costume on him he was a little disappointed, he thought he looked like a ghost instead of an angel :) after the tinsel was on he liked his costume more but added an extra embellishment of his own - a gold star garland for a necklace! we decided it wasn't a battle worth arguing and left him to personalize his costume with his "necklace".

Grandma and Papa came to watch the concert with us and although we were early for the show, lot's of people were even earlier. next year we'll have to be there about an hour before the show starts in order to get a good seat, even though we were early we had to sit near the back. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get much video (camera was set in high definition mode- oops) but we did manage to get some short video clips and many photos! you can tell by the short videos and photos how much Owen loved being on the stage performing! he did an awesome job and I was so proud of him. I think I shed a few tears watching him do so well!

There were 4 kindergarten classes and each class performed 2 songs, then they all joined together for 2 more songs at the end. During Owen's first song he and his dance partner somehow got pushed behind the rest of the class and we could hardly see him. I was seriously going to ask his teacher to move some people over, but she noticed the missing boys from the show and pulled Owen up front. Things couldn't have turned out better as he was placed in front of the microphone and the only person you could hear singing was him! He was so precious! singing, dancing - giving it his all! afterwards, his teacher mentioned that Owen is her "go to guy" to get the job done :) and a few parents commented on how well he did and that he must have practiced often. He didn't really practice at home, but anyone that knows Owen knows that he is a bit of a perfectionist and likes to do things well!

I love that you can tell how much fun he was having just by the photos!

Here is a short video of Owen singing with all of the kindergarten kids.

Angel Band song - Grand Finale;)

Owen's Vietnamese name means "fame & prestige" and I have no doubt he will be famous someday! Way to go Owen! we are so proud of you :)

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Catherine said...

Way to go Owen! The cutest (and most prepared) angel in the group!