Thursday, August 02, 2012

Grayson's Baptism

This past Sunday we celebrated Grayson's baptism! YAY for us actually getting it done while he is still a baby ;) he was so cute in his baptism outfit, he looked like such a little angel. Family joined us at the church and afterwards came back to our house for lunch and cake. 

My sweetie in his baptism outfit. He was so good during the church service, he slept during most of it & woke up in a happy mood :)

Grayson & Mommy

Gavin's side of the family

my side of the family

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With the Catholic Godparents, Maegan & Bill

Grayson didn't cry during the baptism, he just scrunched up his face :)

handsome boy

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Catherine said...

What a special day for your sweet little boy.

Heh, I know it wasn't planned but I love the way all the colours you were wearing blended so well for pics. :o)