Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grayson's 1st Birthday Party

Grayson's 1st birthday party was celebrated with family on his birthday, August 12th. We had a great time celebrating together & even though Grayson was getting a little sleepy he managed to get in all of his party before his nap.

We were scheduled to get photos taken of the boys with a local photographer but they got cancelled because of the weather :( Sunday morning we dressed the boys up in their new cute clothes & tried to get some cute photos of them. Below is a cute pic of my little 1 year old! oh how I hope he stays so sweet!

Grayson's first birthday was a sesame street theme. I made these cupcakes saturday afternoon & by Sunday the eyes had all melted together, I'm not sure what happened :( oh well - despite big bird not turning out the way I pictured, they all resemble sesame street characters & they tasted yummy too!

Grayson started to get tired just after lunch, so we quickly decided we should give him his first taste of sugar & sing Happy Birthday to him.

He really wasn't sure what the fuss was about & my normally very smiley baby was a tad grumpy!

He'd rather have the sesame street plate - he quickly tried to discard his cupcake. Grayson didn't want to even taste it!

After mommy put the cupcake back on the plate he decided to try & pick off the icing. Surely if something is green, it must not taste very good.

Eventually Papa snuck him a taste of the icing and his cupcake view was changed!

Grayson ended up eating almost an entire cupcake - some of the cake was left behind under his chin & inside his shirt!


After cake we opened his presents,  Grayson received many great gifts from his family!

Happy 1st Birthday Baby!

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Catherine said...

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Baby Grayson! What a precious little sweetie you are with smiles that melt so many hearts!

Adorable cupcakes Mommy!